Security issues...


Sep 10, 2008
Last Thursday I had a really unpleasant experience. My handbag was stolen. It was a LV speedy in epi leather with a charm, worth 1000 Euro. Inside the bag was my BV wallet, all my personal belongings and my blackberry. The next day someone found the bag and returned it back to me. It was in good overall condition with just some stains that I managed to remove. The leather was a bit wrinkled but I stuffed it up and now I’m hoping for a full recovery. Unfortunately I lost my cell phone and some other things.
Anyway, this whole incident got me into thinking. The thought of having lost more than 1000 Euro just like that made me sick. Having your bag stolen is a shock by itself but when the bag is so expensive then it is really a big deal. Even now that I have my bag back I don’t feel any better. I mean, is it worth to work and save in order to buy those items or is it a total waste of money? Not to mention that carrying a high end bag can make you a target.
As some of you might remember I was about to buy a nero cabat. After the incident though I cannot stop wondering if this is a wise move. The cabat is wide open and any mugger can easily grab things from inside. Not to mention that if someone grabbed my 3500 Euro worth bag I would die instantly. I think that if I bought it I should use it only as a special occasion bag, only when I am with my car for instance and never when I use the public transportation. But is it worth to give that kind of money for a bag you rarely use?
I don’t know but I feel like this incident made me see things a bit differently what expensive bags and items in general is concerned. Have you experienced anything similar? I would really like to hear your opinions.
P.S. Do you know any conditioner suitable for my LV? I want to baby the leather to help it overcome the shock! Thank you!


Aug 17, 2006
Lost and found
Sorry this happened to you, it's such a violation. No I don't worry even w/ open totes, but I hold onto my things tightly and try to keep aware of my surroundings. Even so, I know the potential is there.

Was your bag stolen out of your hand?

Lovingmybags has creams/conditioners that I swear by, and you could send the bag to her spa and she could restore it.


Feb 22, 2007
so sorry this happened to you.
i had my pocket stolen many years ago. someone ran behind me, pushed me down and grabbed my bag. i wasn't hurt but it was very traumatic. for a very long time whenever someone ran behind me i would be in a panic.
give yourself some time. don't put any pressure on yourself and the best thing is what you are doing and that is talking about it. your nero cabat will be there for you when you are ready.


Back to reality
May 2, 2006
I'm sorry this happened to you, that totally sucks!!! My mom had her purse stolen from her when she was on lunch at work one time about 4 or so years ago...she was able to get everything back, and her purse was very cheap, but it was still a shock and upset her so much. To answer your question though, you can't let this one experience deter you from buying what makes you happy. yes, if you had possibly forever lost your 1k bag, then that is a steep price to have to repay, but at the end of the day, is it worth giving up what you love because one person ruined it for you? If possible, since I don't know how the bag was stolen from you, I'd be more observant and careful. Maybe just carry an expensive bag but a cheaper wallet if it would make things easier?? :smile: Or maybe start off small with a cheaper designer a marc by marc jacobs, so that *if* it were stolen again (which I think would be highly unlikely) it would be about $400 lost, not $1k.


Mar 14, 2009
How awful for you! I would hate knowing that someone had pawed through my things. Uggh..

I am interested to know how it was stolen. I have had friends who put their bags down on the floor at restaurants/bars only to get up to leave and find the bags were gone.


Aug 20, 2007
OMG! This is terrible. I am so sorry for you.
At least you got it back. Where did it get stolen though?
I never thought about expensive bags getting stolen though.
I meant I love all my bags so it would be really sad for me if any of them gets stolen.
I don't usually leave my bags out of sight when I go out.
I have to make sure someone watches it for me.
I wouldn't stop buying the bags I love because of this tho.

Oh...Placing your expensive bag on the front seat of the car is NOT safe.
There are incidents where a robber opened the unlocked door and snatched the bag from the owner/driver. Make sure you lock your car. There are many motorcycles on the streets in Bangkok. I never feel safe to leave my car unlocked.


Aug 7, 2008
so sorry for what happened! i'm not too worried about my belongings being stolen, especially since i don't carry much in my bag anyways. but i just don't understand why people carry EVERYTHING in their everyday bag. i know so many people who carry their ipod EVERYWHERE, and i think it's unnecessary to carry it to the mall or something. so when people get their bag stolen, they end up losing more than just a bag, wallet, phone, and keys.

it's also another reason why i don't feel the need to buy an expensive wallet. wallets can cost nearly as much as another bag, and you could easily have your wallet stolen or lost.
Apr 14, 2008
I am so sorry this happened to you! Like other posters, I'm curious to know how it got stolen. My best advice is to always be aware of your surroundings, and never let your bag out of your sight. I would also avoid putting your bag on the front seat when you drive...I'm one of those people who carries their entire life in their bags, and I'm very cautious. I never leave my bag open, let anyone get to close to my purse, and keep a firm grip on it.


Oh. Gee.
Feb 12, 2006
Don't ever let someone elses greed and thievery take away how you enjoy the things you have in your life. But DO keep things in perspective. Never "love" your things so much that you cannot let them go if someone should choose to take them from you. They are only material things that can be replaced. Love your life more, your friends and family more and cherish those things - the things you buy, are just things that even if no one ever steals them from you, will eventually grow old and deteriorate with time anyway and as the saying goes, you can't take it with you! The thought of someone stealing even a $10 wallet bothers me but its more the violation and lack of respect that person has for themselves and others that bothers me the most. I did have a very expensive bag and wallet and cell phone stolen from me a couple of years ago and I immediately replaced it with many other expensive wallets and bags over time! :lol: I'm not going to change my tastes for a fear of what bad people can do to me over them. But I do own my posessions and they do not own me so if some bonehead wants them that badly, they can have them!