Securing valuables during travel

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  1. Whether traveling solo or with group,
    Across the globe or just into next town,
    We all take stuff along.

    Some of it is valuable.
    And a pain to lose/replace--
    Passport/ID, spare money, bank cards, tech equipment, etc.
    (I don't take jewelry or designer handbags. Some do.)

    How do you secure these items during your trips?
    Whilst keeping them handy to use?
    Moneybelt/bra stash, hotel safe, locking portable safe to hostel bed?
    RFID sleeves?

    Seeking new & inventive personal security ideas.
    Thanks for input. :smile:
  2. I don't take special precautions. I like to travel with minimal jewelry (wedding band, necklace) and usually a Furla handbag that has a zip.

    I don't flash a camera or map.

    I pay as much attention as I do at home. So far I never got anything stolen when walking around, even in touristy areas that are known for pickpocketing.

    In the hotel I always use the safe where I keep my id, an extra credit card and some cash, just in case.

    I also did take pics of my id, passport, credit cards and if available airline ticket and sent it per email to my account. Just in case if lost or stolen.
  3. Being from the U.S., I realize no matter how I dress or act, people in other countries can spot an American a mile away. I try to be aware of my surroundings. In some areas (pickpocket areas) I have a zippered pocket inside my waist for my passport, cc's, etc.. As Stansy said, I try not to openly flash a city map. We also make copies of ticket info, passports, etc.

    I've seen the RFID sleeves and think I'll get them. High tech thievery can happen anywhere.

    Luckily I've never had anything stolen, but with my sister in London, she had her wallet stolen while we were riding the Tube. We had to go to the embassy for a new passport and it took an entire day. Lesson learned!
  4. Thanks for insights. :smile:

    Curious about RFID blocking, also.
    May try homemade aluminum foil sleeve. Should work similarly.
    (Hehehe--maybe tinfoil hat people aren't so crazy?! ;) )
  5. +1

    Also I would add that I have recently bought a couple of those pac safe bags for travel. One is a large tote and another is a small crossbody. I have yet to use them but they are slash proof, lockable, have built in RFID blocking and a few other features I am still learning about.
  6. My mom put a small piece of aluminum foil in her wallet ;)
    I have a Tumi wallet that has RFID blocking.
    But: I read that data cannot be stolen when you have two cards next to each other, not sure about that though...
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    Same here.

    Depending on where we go, we also have money belts that we use. Some people thinks they are ugly but DH and I have been to some places where you have to keep your passports, extra money hidden inside your clothing. Leaving them at the hotel wasn't an option.

    I have personally witnessed a lady's bag snatched by a guy on a motorcycle while walking on sidewalk of a major tourist area. One of our companions had her bag slashed with a box cutter. Although things like these happen, they do not take away my love for traveling.

    RFID wallets, bag or card holders are great as they provide piece of mind for us. Tumi and Hedgren makes great travel accessories.

    ETA: We have a separate travel bank account that we use for ATMs on our travels. Should we lose this card, or it's been skimmed, we don't feel too bad.
  8. Wow do they sell these travel bags at tumi? Slashproof with blocking
  9. I don't do anything special, but I usually just travel in Europe. The first trip I used a money belt, but I found it hot and cumbersome.

    I just use common sense: everything zipped up, no more than 1 credit card on me, small amount of cash, everything else at hotel. Copies of passport on me.

    When walking along a street my bag is kept on the inside, not facing the street. On the metro it is in my hands and in front of me.

    I don't use special slash proof bags. I use a double bag system (small Longchamp inside a larger Longchamp) and it has worked well.

    Camera is slung cross-body and I use my phone for maps.

    Perhaps in more vulnerable areas I would take more precautions, but I feel pretty comfortable in Europe.

    I usually don't bother with safes in my hotel. Will just put computers inside suitcase and lock it. Not overly secure but, again, it's just Europe.
  10. Passport and spare money cards are in the hotel safe. No jewelry, only costume. Any expensive purchases will be in the safe if possible or locked in a suitcase.

    I do wear a designer wallet on chain, and I typically wear it under my coat. I carry only one credit card, passport copy for my VAT refund forms, and minimal cash.

    I travel with a small point and shoot camera and my iPhone, all of which are secured in my inner coat pocket or front trouser pocket.

    I've worn a bra stash before, a lot more comfy than the money belt/neck pouch.

    My suitcases will always be locked.
  11. Oh, these tips are helping so much. Thanks.

    Was asking store clerk about RFID card sleeves today.
    She suggested that many banks give them to customers--free. Just ask.
    Hmm. Must try this.
  12. Interesting about the RFID card sleeves! Thanks for the tip.
  13. Is there a particular brand you like? I've seen a couple sold here but they are very visible when worn under a tank top or sleeveless top. I need one where 2 passports can be fit into.

  14. Not big enough for passports. I got mine from REI. They might have another style for passports.

    Bra stash, but only fits small things, cards, cash. Silk was the most comfortable, my friend had a polyster one and she hated it.

    Unfortunately, no stash for passports. But there's some shorts I've seen on pinterest where the pockets are wide enough for passports.

    There's also a scarf on etsy. "Speakeasy" scarf I think, where the infinity scarf has a secret zippered pocket that also fits passports.