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  1. Did anyone see it this past weekend? I was very excited for the release- I am a big horse lover and Secretariat was such an amazing horse. I saw it last weekend and thought it was a great movie, but I wish they focused a little more on the horse himself.

    Otherwise, I loved the cast and thought it was well written and had very strong acting.

    What did you guys think?
  2. Also, I forgot to mention that I am in one scene.. I worked on the movie in Kentucky, and one of the producers put me in as an actor playing Sham's jockey's girlfriend. I will have to post my picture so you guys will know who I am if/when you watch it!
  3. I used to be a huge horse racing fan until we went to the Preakness and saw Barbaro break his leg :sad: regardless, I have always loved Secretariat. I read a book about him, I have the Breyer horse of him, even a Beanie Baby with a little bridle and saddle on him. I plan to see the movie and I'm sure I'll bawl like a baby. That Belmont just sends chills down my spine!
  4. So awesome :smile: I'll look for you in the movie!
  5. I am so anxious to see this movie!!
  6. I'd like to see it since it was filmed at Evangeline Downs....just down the road from us.

    I'm not a fan of racing, but I do admire the grace of the horse!
  7. I really want to see it
    Lauren please post your picture, that must have so cool to film
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    I found some pictures! (I am on the left) Here are two pictures on the day of filming... Please excuse the tacky 70s hair and clothing, lol. I think I look nothing like myself! Plus, it took them about 2 hours of teasing to make my hair this big :nuts:

    I work in the film industry, but strictly behind the scenes stuff. This is my first and last experience at acting, so it was definitely fun, even though I'm only on camera for about 15 seconds total!

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  9. Here's the other picture (it didn't upload before for some reason..)

    I'm in the Belmont ball scene, btw! If you see me, let me know :biggrin:

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  10. You look great in those pictures! And don't worry about the 70s hair and clothes. I like that people still dressed up for big occasions back then. Everything is casual now. Besides, in 30 years people will be laughing at photos of how we dress today.:biggrin:

    I loved Secretariat and was nine when he won the Triple Crown. He was the reason I became interested in horse racing. You couldn't help but get goose bumps watching him run. The 70s was a fantastic decade for great racehorses, with Seattle Slew, Affirmed, and Spectacular Bid too.
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    Yeah...I wish I could have seen those Triple Crown winners run!

    I did get to see Big Brown run at the Preakness. What a disappointment when he didn't win the Belmont!! I was there too and SO heartbroken when the jockey pulled him up! We had an incredible spot near the finish line. I really thought I was going to see history being made. The horses just aren't the same these days - they just don't have "it."

    I remember going to the Churchill Downs museum and reading about how incredible Secretariat was, how his heart was 3x the size of a normal horse, how he had a 30 ft. stride. I wish I could have met him when he was stabled after his racing career. If there's one horse I ever could have ever seen, it'd be him...then Man O' War.

    You look great in the pics Lauren8792! How awesome it must have been to be on that set. Did you get to meet Diane Lane and John Malkovich?
  12. Lauren I love your photos, you look gorgeous!
    I have yet to see the movie but when I do I will look out for you!
  13. I agree. Thoroughbreds aren't the same anymore. They are bred for speed, but not soundness and endurance. That's why we only have one 1 1/2 mile race left in America. If the Belmont Stakes wasn't part of the Triple Crown, it would have been shortened or eliminated by now.

    I remember how sad I was when Secretariat died. He lived to be 19, but that enormous heart of his finally gave out.

    And yeah, if I had a time machine, I'd love to see Secretariat and Man O' War in a match race. To put both of racing history's "Big Reds" together would be a dream come true!:yes:
  14. I completely agree with everything you said, Boomie. I wish I was around to see Secretariat, but I wasn't born until many years later! My parents always tell me how watching him race gave them chills because it was so incredible. I think it's amazing about his heart too, I don't think that to this day, there has been a horse built like him.

    And yes, I did! Diane Lane is amazing.. she is very professional and takes her job very seriously, she is sweet. John Malkovich is on the weird side (but I think everyone knows that). I actually accidentally elbowed him in the stomach when I turned around really fast with my hand on my hip, and he was really cool about it, lol.
  15. Me too! Could you imagine??? What an incredible race that would be. :nuts: