Secret Thrill....

  1. This is going to sound really stupid, but do any of you get a "secret thrill" walking into other boutiques (ie: LV, Chanel etc.) with your Hermes bag? I was going to go out this afternoon with my new Kelly and do a tour of the shops, and was thinking it would be funny to walk into one of these boutiques carrying the "ultimate" label - you know what I mean? Or is it just me who sees Hermes as a cut above the rest of the brands?

    Almost like "well, I don't really need LV, I have Hermes on my arm!"

    Hope I make sense!:upsidedown:
  2. I know what you mean. Today I went to Gucci to get a gift for my sister and took my Kelly. All the SAs commented on the bag. One of them loved my Bearn wallet too. She asked me if I would open it so she could look inside. She said she loved how thin it was and then said "all of our wallets are too thick" and brought a few over to make her point. I am ashamed to admit I did feel a little happy that they made such a big deal over my things. I felt so good I walked into Jeffrey (a high end store I never go in that sells clothes that I will never fit into) just to look around. I hope I didn't go too off topic with this story.
  3. Oh I love it!
    I love going into Gucci and LV with my Birkin. I get so much more attention from the SA. They smell money! I do notice that when I go into DG they won't ask to show me bags because of what I'm carring.
  4. Please do me a favor and stop reading my mind. :roflmfao:

    lol :graucho: I'm glad this is out in the open because I was afraid to say anything. You more than make sense. I especially feel that way when the SA's are being particularly snotty. There are those instances when they know what I am carrying and they flock to me.

    Or there are those times when, as I said before they are snotty, they are either ignoring me, or being hesitant about showing me their "more expensive bags." For instance, in Vegas I went into one of the 1 million Gucci stores they have. I wanted to look at an ostrich bag and he was hesitant to show it to me. I wanted to know how much the bag was. He announced $4,000.00 and gave me this look of knowing like he KNEW I couldn't afford it. During all this my birkin was not visible. So at this point I slowly set my birkin on the counter, gave him my evil grin and began comparing the leathers. I asked him questions about the CITES which blew his mind because he had never heard of such documentation and Gucci doesn't provide it. I mentioned that I wondered about the quality because there was such a big difference in the price of my bag and that bag. By the time I was done, he had realized his mistake and was turning a nice shade of red. Evil I know, but his behavior just hit me the wrong way that day.
  5. see and i hate that. screw them i demand good service wether in birkin totally glamazoned or in sweat pants and looking like a slob. if they do not deliver that i do not deliver what they are longing for -my moohla
    ah and a chit chat with the manager is also always nice :wlae:
    i am simply too old to find myself cought in a "pretty woman" moviescene real life re-re-run
  6. You know, I definitely feel this way too. We went to LV today and usually I'd be oohing and ahhing but with my new bag I didn't see anything there that I felt like I had to have. :lol: It's funny when snooty SA's realize what bag you're carrying and all of a sudden become super helpful. :rolleyes:
  7. P.S. Kristie F, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bag!!!!! :yahoo:
  8. ^ lol. i hear ya, lilach.:jammin: that's why i ONLY frequent the boutiques that HAVE ALWAYS BEEN NICE TO ME REGARDLESS OF ATTIRE. and trust me, due to my trade, it's never the same. so they best be nice - regardless if i'm sporting jeans or fur that day!:queen:
  9. lemming same here i have blacklisted some boutiques. but i know one thing for sure . alot of managers or sa´s in dubai know each other and i am sure some are kicking their own tush very hard after they treated me badly or showed an attitude that is simply displaced.
  10. awwww - you're a sweetie!!!!!

    I'm so glad I'm not alone in this.......I feel silly, but it IS a secret thrill of mine.........:shame: - so happy you girls agree!!!

    I didn't really mean getting treated better because of the Hermes, just the thrill of walking around with it, and being a bit "up myself" - LOL - if you know what I mean!!!!!!!!!
  11. it's like "i can trade in mine what what you have on the shelf, all 5 of them"
  12. I find this talk all quite interesting...I never really think about it or think like that. The secret thrill for me is being me.

    To me, I buy what I love...whether it is $20 or $10,000. I don't care what people think...doesn't really phase me. In the end...if they have a problem with me it is their problem...screw them. I know who I am and I don't need to prove anything.
  13. a you mean beeing uppity a bit ? well in this case yes i am guilty :lol: and yes i enjoyed wearing my bags and looking forward to get this feeling again in the meantime i substitute this with my jewelery :shame:
  14. very well said :yes:

    but i think kristie meant it in the most positive way. you know just like "knowing that you have a beautiful bag and other admire the craftsmenship beauty etc" :flowers:
  15. OOOOO, I love to go to Chanel and stare at my bag while I engage them in conversation. I'm sooo bad:devil: