***Secret Snowflake Gift Exchange Signup's till 11/5***


Aug 12, 2012
Things will be just a little bit different this round, I will have an assistant TexaninPa helping me with any questions you might have.
If I am not able to answer your question quick enough feel free to reach out to TexaninPa and she will be able to help as well. Or if you feel she might better be able to help you then of course just ask. We are both here to make sure you get quick and complete answers to whatever you might need to know about this exchange.
Thank you for welcoming us, we will try to make sure that you have the best experience possible!

Sign ups open until November 5th Midnight Eastern, Draw held and names given in the AM of November 6th

Please read all guidelines and rules first before you commit just to make sure you are ready to enjoy a slightly different exchange experience.

If you have not joined in on a previous round and wish to join this Secret Snowflake exchange you need to:

• If you are new to this exchange there are a couple details I need to make sure of before I can invite you to participate:
---Minimum post count of at LEAST 500
---ACTIVE and regular posts in the nail forum and especially as a watcher in the Secret Swap/Roak posts/reveals threads.
---Full intention of following through on this exchange as well as following the timelines and rules put forth here.

• If you have participated in the past then sign right up, pretty sure I know who has or has not participated before and is in current good standing.


• There is no cost minimum, that way participants can spend what they can afford. No used or swatched polish for the main polish gifts though please, they can be included as extra's and labeled as such if your Snowflake says she does not mind it in her survey.

• The cut off date for participating is November 5th, I will need your survey in by midnight Eastern time so I have time to pair everyone up. If you miss that date I will be unable to add you to the exchange, sorry. I will do the draw shortly after Midnight and make sure you all have your Snowflake's survey the morning of the 6th.

• PLEASE MAIL PACKAGES NO LATER THAN THE FOLLOWING *NO EXCEPTIONS*(this is not flexible so please be mindful of shipping times on your orders):
***Domestic(inside your own country) shipping date December 17th
***International(if you are shipping to a country different then your own) shipping date December 4th

• Tracking of some sort is required or if international at the very least a picture of your shipping receipt or customs #, I will ask you to send it to me upon shipping. International I require at least receipt sent me via message and if you have it customs #. Domestic tracking is required. Again, please send that to me after you have shipped so I can help track and make sure you are marked as having shipped.

• Please make sure to let your recipient know who you are by including a card or a note inside of an envelope noted to be opened last in your parcel with your name/username. That way everyone can thank their match when they do their reveal.

• You MUST take & post pictures and list what you receive so we can all enjoy your wonderful gifts in the reveal thread that will be opened once package start to arrive. This is VERY important and is not a optional thing so if it might be to much for you, then please opt out.
***Please let me know ASAP if you are on the list and wish to drop out of this swap. If you are unable to participate once you have been assigned a person, I need to know IMMEDIATELY.

• A "stinkers" list will be posted should anyone fail to send a gift or reveal their gift received. Both of these are not ok and the stinkers lists will be saved for future rounds both here passed on to future leaders in the Polish exchanges as well as the Beauty Roaks leaders. These Nail Polish Secret Exchanges are in the name of fun so lets keep it fun! I'd hate to think anyone took advantage of an exchange to get a free gift and stiff another. Just so you all know, zero tolerance from me on this.

Other stuff that may be useful:
• If you're interested in participating, please post in this thread, letting me know you are in.
• In your post or a future post in this thread LMK if you are in for 1 or 2 willing to ship only domestically or willing to ship internationally. Keep in mind you can opt for 1 of each if you do 2.
• If you have any questions, please post those here too. I am glad to answer any and all questions you might have in a quick and timely manner.

*****Please complete this questionnaire & send to me BEFORE midnight on the 5th of November,so I can forward your info to your Secret Snowflake! (Copy and paste the below into a PM to me)

Secret Snowflake SURVEY!!!!

Full Name:
Mailing Address:
Email Address:

1. Would you like to participate once or twice? (give 2 gifts & get 2 gifts or give 1 gift & get 1 gift?)
2. Is your skin tone warm or cool?
3. Do you have any favorite Nail Polish colors?
4. Do you have any Nail Polish colors you do NOT like?
5. What Nail Polish finishes do you like?
6. What Nail Polish finishes do you NOT like?
7. Do you like all Nail Polish brands or do you only like specific brands? If specific either liking or disliking certain brands please note which and list them please.
8. Are you willing to ship overseas?
9. Is there any specific Nail Polish that you're wishing for?
10. Is big 3-4-5 free a priority to you and which is the least you would like to receive if it is?
11. What is your age (an age range is fine)?
12.Do you plan on participating in the chat/reveal thread throughout and not just to post "I got my gift"? (Hint - this is an obligation and the only answer I'll accept is yes!!!)
13.Because some people add candy and treats (not a requirement) please list any allergies or food requirements you might have.
14. Are there any food/candy items you like and would love to find in your box? Other food/candy items you would not? Please list.
15. Do you have any scent allergies? Any scents you love or hate? Again, please list.
16. Any nail treatments you love and are looking for? Hate and dont want? Just dont use?
17. Any nail art items you love and use all the time? Want and have never found? Dont use and wont use?
18. Do you have children? If so ages and boy or girl? Would you like to receive something small for them?
19. Do you have pets? If so what? Would you like to receive a little something for them?
20. What holiday do you celebrate in December? The date for this holiday? Any Special traditions? Colors associated with your specific holiday?
21. Are you ok with used or swatched polishes gifted as extra's? Are you particular about used or swatched?
22. Any vacation/work that might take you away from being available in this exchange or to receive your gift so your gifter can avoid that time frame?
23. May I give out your address to any of the players for RAOKS un-associated with THIS exchange?

You might ask why I ask you for your email address? If your mailbox here fills up this will allow us to reach you and have an alternate way of contact. It ALSO allows your gifter a chance to open up a secret email account on a free web service and use it to tease and taunt their Snowflake anonymously about the stunning goodies they are getting for them or ask questions of them without being identified. Seems like this aspect could add alot of fun to these exchanges. I can't wait to hear people here comment that their secret gifter just asked them this or that, or that they were let know that there will be something super sparkly in their box waiting to be opened!

If you don't send me all the info above including address and details I will ask you to RESUBMIT the entire form for ease of keeping all of your info together. Sorry it is just to hard to copy and paste in info on potentially every survey

That's it!! Hope you liked my little tweeks and changes. I also hope that because of issues with past rounds the stepping up of the strictness so that people including the watchers are not let down by missing or late gifts is happily accepted.




The post count requirement is 500.

There have been SERIOUS issues the last few rounds with reveals. There is NO EXCUSE for not revealing. If you can not reveal right away then post that you received and when/why you are delaying the reveal(maximum 7 days delay unless feasible reason is given for longer). Stay in communication, if you can't do that then this exchange is not for you.

I really do not mean to be so strict, however with the past issues and my being a little new to this here at least as well I have seen and experienced this is something that needs to happen. To many have been disappointed lately, and I would like to see the joy instead of the disappointment.


Jul 23, 2011
I'm in for two anywhere!

And I am happy to be the assistant and provide any help that I can.

I was happy to see the email address added on the last round. I know how quickly the mailboxes here can get full and I love the idea of the unidentified email address, that can be really fun to send out teasers.


Aug 4, 2012
Canada - eh?
I'm in for 1. Just want to point out out that shipping from Canada to US doesn't usually take very long so maybe that date can be pushed forward a week? Just a suggestion :smile:

I was in the US this weekend and already picked up a few extras in anticipation :smile:


Dec 11, 2008
I hope it was the fun kind of crazy. And a belated Congratulations!
Well for one all the bridesmaids were super late and the groomsmen were early! And one of the groomsmen's wives gave birth the day before so he couldn't make it. they are fun stories for the future haha.
I'm in for 1. Just want to point out out that shipping from Canada to US doesn't usually take very long so maybe that date can be pushed forward a week? Just a suggestion :smile:

I was in the US this weekend and already picked up a few extras in anticipation :smile:
Only takes a week any time I've shipped to Canada.


Aug 12, 2012
Well for one all the bridesmaids were super late and the groomsmen were early! And one of the groomsmen's wives gave birth the day before so he couldn't make it. they are fun stories for the future haha.

Only takes a week any time I've shipped to Canada.
I know some still ship 1st class to Canada and while most time even that takes a week I have had it take up to 3 to arrive. I picked the longer just to make sure that it would all arrive no matter how a person planned to ship. If you ship priority mail feel free to PM me so I know what plan you have in place to get there by the due date. Right now I am planning to try to have all gifts gotten by Dec 22nd accounting for the longer times due to the holidays. I hope that makes sense. Trying to make sure the gifts are gotten before the holiday and remember, customs will be swamped for the holidays like it is every year. So I am going to keep the dates as they stand for now
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island in the sea
Feb 7, 2013
I am in for one U.S. or International Secret Snowflake (love that name) pretty please!