Secret Sister Mayday?

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  1. hey ladies. what is this all about? im really curious. thanks :smile:
  2. I think it was like a gift exchange, that is all. LOL.
  3. of new/used tokidoki bags? i have plenty, i'd like to be a part of the next "gifting". :yahoo:
  4. oh it was random things that can or can't be related to tokidoki... there are other threads about mayday. we're not technically allowed to buy, sell, or trade I think on this forum :shrugs:
  5. heh but you do it anyway :smile: its cool, i doubt anyone on this forum would screw anyone else over.
  6. :lol: that may be true but the mods are pretty :rant: about that stuff... and there's that place to sell but most people just joined this past month or so and 5 months or something is close to the end of the tokidoki collaboration plus they have a major list of requirements and I'm guessing if they don't like you you're probably out anyways :shrugs: I'm not bothering buying/selling here because they'd probably decline me anyways... there are other places we all use tho
  7. Who does it anyway? We don't sell our own bags on this forum. You can sell them in TPF marketplaza or whatever or maybe refer to eBay, but not in this forum specifically. It's against the rules...I got busted once and I wasn't even looking to buy anything, just mentioning it kinda got me in trouble lolz. So no selling or trading.
  8. I don't think anyone does it in this forum but I've had transactions w/ people part of this forum and I know others have... actually I think one person that won my item on eBay joined the forum afterward or something :lol: plus people from LJ have been coming over here also :biggrin:
  9. I've done one custom purchase, but never bought or sold anything that was mine on here.
  10. okaaay!

    The rule here is:
    NO buying, selling or trading here. period.
    if you're caught, it's likely you'll be banned.

    that's it, plain and simple.

    Oh and for the record, we don't discriminate when it comes to the MP, you either actually CONTRIBUTE and meet the criteria or you don't.
    They don't play favorites, it's rather disrespectful to even post that.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.