Secret of Valentino's success


Do you like Valentino?

  1. Yes, I love his collections at all

  2. Yes, but only few collections

  3. I think, he is a good designer like the other fashion designers.

  4. No, but i like some clothes.

  5. No, I don't like him at all

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  1. I love Valentino and all his collections....
    These are my most favourites:

    1. Valentino Paris Femme Pret-a-Porter Autumno Inverno 2004:
    Perfect show. 40's Black and white clothes with great shape. Great music, make up, catwalk, everything...
    2. Valentino Paris Femme Pret-a-Porter Primavera Estate 2005:
    Oh my god. In the beginning 25 supermodels were stading like stone statues with gorgeous clothes. One by one were walking down during the perfect music. Very colourful, velvet, but very strong collection. I love brown-white-yellow evening dress worn by Liya Kebede..
    3. Valentino Paris Femme Pret-a-Porter Primavera Estate 2006:
    Very romantic and nice clothes. Clothes were covered by beautiful colourful flowers. Fairy dresses made of soft satin were very light and fresh. Incredible...

    4. Finally Valentino Paris Femme Pret-a-porter Autumno inverno 2006
    Absolutely PERFECT catwalk. In the beginning 20 supermodels went down the stairs. Every model had totally great black and white outfit. It made a great impression. Then during the perfect music supermodels were walking and posing one by one in the perfect clothes!
    Another perfect clothes!
    And when i thought that it was everything, Valentino shocked me again. Another 15 supermodels went in the gorgeous POPART clothes!.
    It was something absolutely new, Amazing popart dresses combined with black and white outfits. Incredible. Oh MY GOD again!
    Then supermodels had beautiful evening dresses! I want EVERYTHING.
    And Finally when i thought, that i had seen really everything, Valentino shocked me ONE MORE TIME!!!
    4 beautiful supermodels went down the stairs in the 4 PERFECT RED dresses!! Oh MY GOD. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!! INCREDIBLE!
    It was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!

    Here is my advice: Straight go to this link and watch great Valentino show right now, because you worth it!
  2. wow, the collections are beautiful and so classic
  3. I love all his collections... I love the fact that it's always very simple and at the same time very feminine and sofisticated :love:
  4. What's not to like?! VAlentino rocks
  5. I love his red colour!!!!
  6. I :love::love: VALENTINO! For my wedding I want to have a custom made VALENTINO gown! I can just imagine it.:biggrin:
  7. I love the red!
  8. To all: thanks for your votes and opinions, they made me really happy :smile: We love Valentino :smile:)

    To Lila: I know that one day you will have perfect Valentino dress and you will be gorgeous :smile: because you worth it :smile: hehe
  9. Perfect Valentino Haute Couture Fall Winter 2004:

  10. OMG, i just love him!!!
    IMO he's the most talented italian designer, no competition!!!
    i completely loved last summer's collection, and i'm loving this one too, with all those floral ptints, so femine but always classic and never exaggerated.....
  11. P.S. Versace Atelier, ther's a valentino cocktail dress in my thread about my friend's wedding can have a look!!;)
  12. :smile:) i have the same opinion. I just love Valentino and everything of this Great italian designer...
  13. He truly is a fashion icon.:heart:
  14. Definitely love ;)
  15. i love how he mix shapes and colours..