secret life tote bag help.

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  1. my cousin is starting school soon and i needed to help find her a tote bag.
    the one she really wants to find is off of the secret life of the american teenager.
    the one she found is a very light baby pink with a bird on a branch and knit flowers near the top left hand side.
    it is amy jergins tote bag. it can be found in most episodes but one in particular would be episode four: falling in love. it is in the bathroom scene. i would greatly appreciate the help.
  2. wrong section?
  3. ^^^ It helps if you post a link for the OP as to where to post rather than just saying wrong section

    sillygirl1611, please post on this thread and someone may be able to help and if you can try and find a picture it would be easier too
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.