secret label bag

  1. what do u think of the secret label bag?
    do u think this design defies age, last thru' time?

    do u prefer secret label as opposed to the jumbo bag?

    how do u handle the stickiness of patent over time? Chanel experts pls share how u handle your patent chanels?

    pls give me some views, both are equally expensive items...gotta make a right choice.
  2. I've never heard of that bag{?}
  3. i dont think the secret label will be as timeless. its so in-your-face with its huge label. i like it but i like the jumbo more.
  4. I agree. A little too much "hey look I'm wearing Chanel and want to make sure you know it" to me. I think it would look great with jeans and a white tee but actually distract from anything nicer that you were wearing whereas the jumbo goes with everything as is more demure but instantly recognized as classic chanel. Hope that helps.
  5. I don't like that it says Chanel in huge letters. This reminds me of an 80's bag, when everything was screaming the label.
  6. thanks Nat, going to see now. . . .
  7. OK, I'm back! LOL!
    No, this isn't timeless at all in my personal opinion.
    I did like the Hollywood ligne a lot though.
  8. Well heres the deal... I like the secret label in patent only... I think the label really isn't that bad on this one since its on the bottom. Probably not timeless but then patent comes and goes. I am actually consdering getting it along with the Chanel LA bag!
  9. [​IMG]

    is it this one? i prefer the classic flap

    although in future time, i think it can be considered as classic vintage :p
  10. Mehhhh. I really don't like how blatantly Chanel it is. I like Chanel bags that are a bit more subtle. Especially since it's such a huge contrast of white on black that makes it even more obvious.

    I like the patent version since the "label" is only on the bottom.

    I prefer the classic flaps, hands down.
  11. This is it:


    you can only see the label on the bottom... and it doesn't have a double flap

  12. ^I would buy that one, but not the one with the blatant white CHANEL and CC logo on the front of the bag. Too gaudy.
  13. I do like that patent flap. But I don't know - when I see that label on the bottom, I just get the urge to cut it off :lol:
  14. ^I agree. For some reason, I think the label cheapens the bag. Or it seems really tacky, it almost makes it look fake.