Secret gorgeous designers to share?

  1. I am really interested in the 'up and coming' world of fashion and design and wondered who you would suggest as your 'haven't got the recognition they deserve, but going places' tip . . .? Mine is Belen Echandia - whose talent do you want to share with an appreciative audience?

    I like bags by Charlotte Vasberg, available at Barney's and in the UK

  3. You know me . . . Belen Echandia all the way! :girlsigh: I am obsessed.
  4. Ananas they are made of beautiful leather with wood accents

    they retail about $375 and they fly off the shelves in bloomies
  5. Did you actually buy one yet? The closest I have got is some adoring stroking at the sample sale where she first caught my eye, but I'd love to hear from anyone who is lucky enough to own one. I am guessing there may be a whole load of gorgeous new colours around the corner for Spring too:heart:
  7. Has anyone got a Stori Sac by Korean designer Myounghee Zo?

    Stori Sac
  8. I have the money set aside to get one now, but I emailed them last week, and I'm waiting for a response. I really want the "Charm Me" style, but the only color they have in stock at the moment is black, according to the website. I like black, but I am dying for the apple green color. I emailed them a week ago to ask if they'll be getting it in any other colors (since they mention choosing your color on the site). I'm hoping they'll have a ton of new colors this spring, too, so I may hold out on buying until then :shrugs: I WANT IT NOW!!

    How is your Anya? Have you gotten it yet (or have an estimated date of delivery)?

  9. OOH! Those are the freshest things I have seen in AGES..where are they sold?
  10. I would say Charlott Vasberg and BracherEmden...

    Great Designers, both from london.. :heart:
  11. Pics please! :yes:
  12. passerby and kitskat= I agree about Charlott Vasberg and Stori. Amazing stuff!
  13. Kitskats, for locations of stores selling Stori Sac bags, please look at this:

    Stori Sac