Secret Easter Bunny Swap 2014 Edition

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  1. Sign ups open until March 15th

    Please read all guidelines and rules first.

    The rules are as follows:
    • There is no cost minimum, that way participants can spend what they can afford.
    • The cut off date for participating is March 15th. Names will be assigned by the end of that weekend.
    • PLEASE MAIL PACKAGES NO LATER THAN April 7th (earlier if you are shipping internationally)
    • Please make sure to let your recipient know who you are by including a card or a note in your parcel with your name/username. That way you can thank your Bunny when you do a reveal.
    • You MUST take & post pictures (a reveal thread will be started especially for this) of the gifts that you receive.
    *Please let me know ASAP if you are on the list and wish to drop out of this Secret Bunny. If you are unable to participate once you have been assigned a person, I need to know IMMEDIATELY.
    • A "stinkers" list will be posted should anyone fail to send a gift. This Nail Polish Secret Exchanges are all in the name of fun and I'd hate to think anyone got forgotten.
    Other stuff that may be useful:
    • If you're interested in participating, please post in this thread.
    • If you have any queries, please post those here too. Please complete this questionnaire & send to me, along with your mailing address so I can give your info to your Secret Bunny

    1. Due to many requests least round - Would you like to participate once or twice? (Do you want to give 2 and get 2 gifts or give 1 and get 1 gift?)
    2. Is your skin tone warm or cool?
    3. Do you have any favourite colours?
    4. Do you have any NP colours you do NOT like?
    5. What NP finishes do you like?
    6. What NP finishes do you NOT like?
    7. Do you like all NP brands or do you only like specific brands? If specific, please list them.
    8. Are you willing to ship overseas?
    9. Is there any specific NP that you're wishing for?
    10. Is big 3 free a priority to you?
    11. What is your age (an age range is fine if you don't feel comfortable giving a specific age. Feel free to say 30s etc)
    12.Do you plan on participating in the chat/reveal thread throughout and not just to post "I got my gift"? (Hint - this is an obligation and the only answer
    I'll accept is yes!!!)
    13.Because some people add candy and treats (not a requirement) please list any allergies or food requirements you might have
    14. Do you celebrate easter? You are of course still more than welcome to play but it might be good to know not get you anything that is religious themed.
    15. Do you have any scent allergies? Any allergies to any scents you love or hate? Any that you LOVE?
    16. Any nail treatments you love and are looking for? Hate and dont want? Just dont use?
    17. Any nail art items you love and use all the time? Want and have never found? Dont use and wont use?
    18. May I give out your address to any of the players for RAOKS un-associated with THIS exchange?

    And if you fail to send me all the info (ie-your address) I will ask you to RESUBMIT the entire form. I have no room in my inbox for 2-3 messages from each player like past rounds.

    That's it!! Hope to see you guys sign up!!




    The post count requirement is 200.

    There have been SERIOUS issues the last few rounds with reveals. There is NO EXCUSE for not revealing. If you can not reveal right away post that your received and when/why you are delaying the reveal.

    We all know things come up, life happens, and we get that. BUT..... If you are so busy that it takes you four weeks to reveal just because you are too busy maybe wait till you have time to participate to play.

    Sorry to sound so strict/mean but its an issue that keeps popping up again and again. That all being said we understand that sometimes life just gets in the way!

  2. Now I am going to be in NYC from april 10-20 and then in las vegas from april 20-25th. I will be online enough to deal with the swap, that is not an issue. But what I want to know is, should I not play? It means if my package comes between the 10th-20th I wont be able to reveal until the 25th.

    I will let you guys decide.
  3. Is this an international swap also? I'm very intrested but if I can't participate because I"m located in Europe I'd rather know now, haha.
  4. Nevermind, I read the whole thing again and saw it now. So entering this :biggrin:
  5. Woohoo!!

    I'm in for two! But domestic only this time.
  6. I'd be fine with not revealing until after the 25th. And maybe you'll even get it before you leave!
  7. 2 US please.
  8. Yay! :happydance::woot:
  9. Also two international for me, or one fellow european and one international. Whatever works best for the swap.
  10. sign ups! yay!
  11. Neh, thank you for hosting it. Wanted to participate in one ever since I joined tpf. haha.
  12. Of course we want you to participate. So what if we have to wait til you get back from your trips. But please take us with you.

    I am going to be super busy too.. I just got promoted last week. :graucho:
  13. I am in for 1 US. Just love these. Will send my survey and details soon
  14. Upeee... I'm in, 2 international, please :smile:
  15. Nice to see the exchange up and running again! I'm sitting out this round, but I'll watch the reveal and updates :smile: