Secret Clinical Deodorant (Rant or Rave?)

  1. Thanks for your reviews in advance!
  2. I just bought it on Sunday and used it for the first time yesterday and so far so good. I will review again in a few days.
  3. my friend is a compulsive armpit sweater LOL she said its shown some improvement but she still sweats. but it could have just been bc it was REALLY hot that day
  4. Nothing, not Secret Clinical, not Drysol, not CertainDri, works for me. I had Botox injections and am now as dry as the Sahara. It's wonderful.
  5. I was checking this product out and it seems it only has 20% aluminum zirconium tertachlorohydrex glycine just like my other lady speed stick which never worked for me.
    I discovered ARRID and this stuff is great, has the most I've found at 25% and works wonders. (I must use it regularly though)
  6. I have been using it for about 2 months now and think it’s great. I am extremely picky and weird when it comes to deodorant and have tried tons and tons of brands. Right now I am completely happy with the clinical strength. I believe I sweat a little more than the average person and if I feel any kind of moisture under there I will get totally disgusted. The clinical strength has helped keep everything dry and smell-free. I also like how the clinical strength isn’t doused with a strong scent. The other secret deodorant products have gotten out of control with the fruity-like smells. The clinical strength has a nice clean smell to it, but its not overpowering. Also I was very surprised how clear it goes on and it doesn’t show white deodorant marks on clothing.
  7. ITA w/ this poster. I never found anything that worked for me quite as well as this deodorant. Living in AZ during the summer, you can see my concern. Will never switch and hope they don't discontinue.
  8. I have been using it for about a month and it's much better than platinum secret. Much less odor with this one and I seem to stay quite a bit drier. Still not the bees knees but the closest I've come. I'm sticking with it.
  9. I love it! I have an issue with sweating, and my doctor used to prescribe me stuff to use, except it was liquid form and it smelled.

    Secret's Clinical Strength does the exact same thing, except it doesn't require a prescription, it has a very pleasant smell and it's really easy to apply.
  10. As long as I remember to apply it the night before, I think it works extremely well. And, as others have said, it doesn't have an overpowering perfumey smell. Its worth a try - I read about it in the other link and am grateful to the person who mentioned it first! :tup:
  11. How many units/dosage do you need? And how long is it effective?
  12. didn't work for me or my best friend
  13. I love it. It has been so hot lately that I am showering at night. I put it on after my shower and again in the morning and it is amazing. For those having trouble with it- give the double dose technique a try.
  14. I like it. I still sweat a little bit when it's really hot, but it works A LOT better than every other deodorant I've used.