Secret Candy/Snack Man Sign Up (Sorry, Candy Man Sounds Better Than Candy Woman)

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  1. Sign ups open until November 1st

    Please read all guidelines and rules first.

    The rules are as follows:
    • There is no cost minimum, that way participants can spend what they can afford.
    • The cut off date for participating is November 1st Names will be assigned by the end of the month.
    • Please make sure to let your recipient know who you are by including a card or a note in your parcel with your name/username. That way you can thank your match when you do a reveal.
    • You MUST take & post pictures (a reveal thread will be started especially for this) of the gifts that you receive.
    *Please let me know ASAP if you are on the list and wish to drop out of this Exchange. If you are unable to participate once you have been assigned a person, I need to know IMMEDIATELY.
    • A "stinkers" list will be posted should anyone fail to send a gift. This Secret Exchanges are all in the name of fun and I'd hate to think anyone got forgotten.

    Other stuff that may be useful:
    • If you're interested in participating, please post in this thread.
    • If you have any queries, please post those here too. Please complete this questionnaire & send to me, along with your mailing address so I can give your info to your Secret Candy Man (sorry candy man sounds better than candy woman)

    1. Do you have any allergies? If so what are they?
    2. What are your FAVOURITE foods?
    3. What foods do you HATE?
    4. Are you willing to ship overseas?
    5. Is there any specific snacks/candys that you love but can not get in the region you live in?
    6. Are there any snacks or candys you hear a lot about buy have never seen/tried
    7. Is high fat/sugar content a concern for you?
    8. What is your age (an age range is fine if you don't feel comfortable giving a specific age. Feel free to say 30s etc)
    9.Do you plan on participating in the chat/reveal thread throughout and not just to post "I got my gift"? (Hint - this is an obligation and the only answer
    I'll accept is yes!!!)
    10. May I give out your address to any of the players for RAOKS un-associated with THIS exchange?

    And I'd you fail to send me all the info (ie-your address) I will ask you to RESUBMIT the entire form. I have no room in my inbox for 2-3 messages from each player like past rounds.

    That's it!! Hope to see you guys sign up!!




    The post count requirement is 200.

    There is NO EXCUSE for not revealing. If you can not reveal right away post that your received and when/why you are delaying the reveal.

    We all know things come up, life happens, and we get that. BUT..... If you are so busy that it takes you four weeks to reveal just because you are too busy maybe wait till you have time to participate to play.

    Sorry to sound so strict/mean but its an issue that keeps popping up again and again. That all being said we understand that sometimes life just gets in the way!
  2. Hi,
    I hope this isn't a STUPID question, but.............Is this the Xmas exchange?
    If so, I'm sooo IN:biggrin:
  3. This looks VERY promising!
  4. Woot woot I'm in :biggrin:
  5. may I suggest to change the shipping date to early dec rather than mid dec? I used to part-time at the post office and for international packages to not be caught in the christmas chaos, it must be sent by the first week of dec. otherwise it may take a month to arrive. just thought I should let you know...
  6. What do you mean by "Xmas exchange"? It is in December, so I guess you could consider it a Holiday candy/treat exchange. Am I making any sense? I guess I'm still confused by the question.
  7. I am now over the 200 post count and would like to participate. Is this only for food/sweets/candy?

  8. It's taking place around the holidays if that's what you mean.

    I'm aware of that. I almost put the shipping deadline dec 31st. I'm not sure it matters if it takes some extra time to get there. Why I didn't want to label it specifically a holiday swap. I want people to have the time and such to shop at their own paces.

    Yeah. It's The same a the polish exchange but fr snack foods and candies instead of polish!
  9. So basiclly if we find something else we know through our stalking that our elf would adore we can toss that in too. Cool, I like having the ability to add
  10. YAY! I was about to sign BF up but apparently, he'd chatted up elsewhere on tPF and has over 200 posts. :weird: I'll talk to him and see if he'd be interested, haha.
  11. I'll never complain someone sent something extra! I promise!!
  12. Awesome, thanks for clearing that up!! T
  13. yay, I'm so excited!

    If I get picked to send you (bluejinx) a package, does that mean you are sending me one in return? Or is it random? Just curious, thanks!
  14. Bummer that the post count is so low. Maybe next time.
  15. Sounds just like my kind of thing with all the Candy!

    Count me in!