seconds thoughts about my MJ STAM

  1. I've recently invested in my first MJ bag - the black MJ stam :love:
    I love the bag but I'm afraid it's more trendy than classic. If I'm going to shell out so much money for one bag, I want to wear it for what it's worth!
    What do you guys think? Trendy or classic? Should I keep it? Thanks!!
  2. Personally, I think it may not have as much lasting power as the Blakes and the other MJ classics, but compared with other IT bags like the Fendi Spy it's definitely much more classic. Even when after the craze about the Stam is over, the stam will still look like a classy bag that can be brought out for any occasion.
  3. ^^^ Agree! I think it will be more a classic then other IT bags. But if you don't want the stam..maybe get another MJ style. What kind of bag are you looking for and how will you use it?
  4. I was in the same perdicament with the black stam. I thought it was more trendy then classic. Couldn't picture myself using it a year or even a season after I bought it, so I returned it. And I know that if I had it now, once I start wearing light colors for the spring in a couple of months, my stam would be in hibernation on the top shelf in my closet.
  5. I'm afraid that's going to happen when spring comes!!
    HELP ME! lol
  6. I would return it or if you can't, sell it. I mean if you can incorporate it into your wardrope, by all means keep it. Personally I couldn't. In the spring I like wearing light colored patterned, knee lenght skirts with wedges, or girly sun dresses. I mean, it would have went with jeans and a white tank or tee, but I would rather have something I could wear day or evening, shoppng, or out to dinner. The stam just wasn't that bag. I loved my black stam, and was really upset when I returned it, but I'm happy I did. I already had the black elise, so I felt better about it, because I had a classic black bag that I could wear every season. Besides that, my parents said they are going to get me a chanel when I graduate this spring. I think a chanel flap is more classic. I'll have it till I'm wearing dentures. I was never really into MJ's quilted styles but the stam just grew on me like a bad wart. Bloomies had a sale so I impulse bought it for 30% off. Gorgeous bag, but not practical for me. I can't spend that much money on a bag that I won't be using for several years.
  7. I see it as a more formal bag...personally I think it would be smashing matching it with an evening dress, but really depends on what you want to use the bag for and whether you think you're going to use it. And if you think it's more for a formal occasion, then decide if you have many of those regularly to attend. :smile:
  8. The shape of the Stam is really classic and will never go out of style IMO. But I think you should really think about whether you LOVE this bag, rather than whether it's trendy vs. classic. Because if you adored the bag, then you wouldn't care about whether it's trendy or classic. Doubts usually means that you can find a bag that you love more and will be happier with...KWIM?

    Good luck with your decision! :yes:
  9. Thank you everyone for your thoughts!!
    I was wondering if there are any black stam owners who would like to give their two cents? TIA!
  10. well, i own a taupe from fall 05. it's really a bag you have to just love, and not buy because it's trendy. if you bought it for the trend factor, i fear it's not the bag for you. i bought mine because i saw the spread in vogue magazine, the infamous karen elson and the cat photo and frantically fell in love. i got it after that and right before the first sell out of this bag (before the hype and trend)'s sad because now i see fakes all over the place and even at my local mall yesterday, they have stam replicas in all the cheapo clothing stores, like charlotte russe and such. it's really disgusting. but i still love my bag to death! i'd never sell it and think it's so classy, but with a twist. it fits my personality better than any bag i have ever owned and i love how it can be styled sooooo many ways. im personally a vintage lover, MJ, chloe, lover, an artist and a bit of a fashion chameleon.

    it's really a matter of whether it works for you (style and size) and if you love it. you need to put it next to your wardrobe and see if it works. if not, maybe you bought it because of the hype and it's just not the bag for you. from other stam owners i've talked to over on TFS....the stam is really a "OMG i love it to death" bag or "it just doesn't work for me" bag. a definate love it or hate it sitruation. and for the price, i think you really need to either love it or not and return it for something that really sparks a desire.
  11. I had the same thing with my Fendi spy. I think you really need to weigh up if it will fit into the kind of lifestyle you have and the clothes you wear. Although if you are just not feeling it then send it back. Theres no point keeping it if you are not going to get the wear out of it. xx
  12. I absolutely LOVE this bag. I guess I really shouldn't care whether its trendy vs. classic. As long as I love it, I'll definitely get the wear out of it!

    I wish I had got it for 30% off like Frances Bean had!
  13. Yay, I'm glad that you're going to keep it. It really is a classic bag, and I don't think the trend will ever really fade. It will still have a wow factor whenever you use it. And who cares what season it is, black is great year round!!
  14. Who knows, maybe it'll turn into a classic! :p
    Thanks for all your help!
  15. I agree with thithi. I think Stam will be a classic. I mean, the shape itself is very classic and vintage. For some reason, my friend told me it looked like a grandma handbag but what does he know? He was wearing baggy jeans and camouflage hoodie. Enough said.

    Anyway, yeah it's a keeper. I love my Stam too :yahoo: