secondhand "new" le fabuleux vs. boutique new suhali lockit

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  1. UGH. now that this is the THIRD TIME i have re-typed this topic :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    okay. sorry. lol. this idea just popped into my head since i'm pretty sure i will not be able to acquire the ebayed beautiful velour irvine from the fall/winter collection of 2004-2005 :crybaby:

    my dream-about bag has always been the le fabuleux. but of course the price is the only reason why i do not have one. i have NO IDEA when and IF i would even ever be able to save that much money and not have a problem plunking all $4000 of it down for one item. i love the bag but parting with that much money for one thing when i could buy so much more LV with it just bothers me. so. i have seen let-trade and other eBay sellers sell secondhand "new" le fabs (with plastic still on locks and hardware) for significantly less than retail, usually somewhere in the $2500 range. by december for my birthday, i will have aquired enough money to purchase one of these. however, everything i own is from-the-boutique-new and am kinda scared to buy secondhand, but will if need be.

    so. i also love the lockit PM but in the boutique a le fab would be my choice hands down IF i could afford it. so, i just don't know if i should purchase a secondhand "new" le fab or a from-the-boutique-new suhali lockit pm. i want a le fab but, ugh, i just don't know. what would you do? why?
  2. if u would still love the le fab even if it's secondhand, i don't think it's gonna be a problem. but the thing is, from the tenor of your note, it seems that it's "secondhandness" will be bothering you...actually, you are already bothered by it (being a 2nd hand)...such nagging thoughts would somehow diminish the special value of the le fab for you and you might end up not being happy with your purchase at why not scrimp and wait a little more till you can buy it in the boutique or better yet think and re think if the le fab is something you would really really use, cause if not, then you might as well use the money and buy some brand new bags in the boutique...;)
  3. Nothing wrong with second hand , if it is in good clean conditiom, but yes what bag would you use more and what fits your style, I love the lockit!!
  4. lockit cuz it's new and it will be yours...only do the Le fab if you can deal with second hand....

    I'm all over a new Lockit over a 2nd hand Le op only...

    Good luck! Of course...I was a Le fab freak for a long time, but so onto the lockits now...
  5. The Le Fab is definitely on my list of bags I wish I could afford. I feel the same way about it as you do when it comes down to spending so much money on ONE item. I would go with the second-hand Le Fab, personally, because it is definitely my favorite over the lockit.
  6. I looove the new verone le fab, but I wouldn't spend that much on a le fab either especially since it's not LE...About buying off eBay, I'm just not comfortable with buying such expensive stuff off eBay, whether 2nd hand or new.
  7. I'd go with the Lockit.
  8. Go for 2nd le fabu, I always love le fabu more than other Suhali pieces :smile:
  9. grrrr, lol it's pretty split.
  10. I'm with Reb... I would go with the Lockit.
  11. The lockit is my favorite suhali bag, and I prefer to buy new from the boutique, so I would go for that. sounds like you are more in lvoe with the le fab, so maybe you should just hold out until you find one in good condition for a good price. If you get the lockit, you may not be satisfied and still crave the le fab.
  12. I think you need to figure out why you have issues with a second hand bag. I prefer to buy from the boutiques as well but if I new I was getting the bag of my dreams and its authentic and has no stains or marks on it why not.
    I would keep an eye out. You never know when you might find a second had bag in prestine condition and who knows at that time you may feel differently.

    As far as the price goes. If you think you will use it often it's worth it.

    The lockit bags are great though.
  13. I don't see anything wrong with secondhand. If the bag is perfect, what's the difference? So many customers try all the bags out and examine the bags that it's really not that "new" once you get it anyways. And ya might just get the one that some other customer returned because they didn't want it. The LeFab was also my dream bag until I was able to aquire it. I absolutely love this bag! So if ya can't get over the secondhand part of it, get the lockit. Sounds to me like you already know what you want to do.
  14. I'd go with the lockit. The le fab is just one of those bags i would insist on buying in the boutique. (And i'd still want all the plastique on the HW too)
  15. I would go for le fab. If the 2nd hand one is authentic and in good condition, then why not. Go for it~~~