Secondhand bargains - show yours here!

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  1. Today I went to Value Village. All I found was really bad fakes. Oh well (sigh).
  2. Tried to post a photo of my new(to me) McQueen item, but my phone won't let me load it :sad: I will attempt it again later on.
  3. I know the newer models come in European sizes. The vintage I'm not sure but these look real to me!
  4. Thanks for the response! I'm thinking of selling the others and buy some new ones that I like!

    So true, very difficult to resist great bargains!

    Ugh! I keep on seeing many things that I like LOL! But yeah, trying to cut down on buying a lot and just bring home the stuff that I love the most. Ebay seems to be a great idea, I'm gonna read more about it.
  5. You bargain hunters have some amazing finds on here! A $300 legit Birkin?! Makes me want to hit up the thrift shops every day.

    Here are a few consignment items, not total steals but timeless finds (purchased before I knew the brilliance of negotiating):

    Chanel '98 jacket ($500), Hermes 'Smiles in the Third Miillenary' scarf ($250)

    I'll have to peek in the closet and get some pics up of real deals.
  6. Here it is Finally :smile:
  7. Very cute!!
  8. Thanks. It's difficult to tell, but it's all embroidered with skulls and flowers and guns and peace symbols and lots of other things.
  9. Awesome. I love it.
  10. Oh I love it! Nice color, the skulls are totally awesome. A lot of work went into the design. I'm glad you were able to post it. It's a work of art!
  11. The detail is amazing! What a great find!
  12. I wonder if it's "clean out your fakes" time. Went to one of the GW store and they had Chanel, several LV's, all fakes! Left the store empty handed. :nogood:
  13. Love it Jama!!!

    You make me want to look for McQueen pieces when I had no interest before "meeting" you and seeing your pics. Thank you :smile:
  14. The saddest thing was I wanted to find a Chanel flap but guess what? I found it alright... As a fake. :nogood:
  15. That has to be one of the kindest things ever Thank You :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.