Secondhand bargains - show yours here!

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  1. I can imagine :smile:
  2. Anne I think you looked so pretty and stylish!

    Miss valentine so happy to hear they found your clothes!
  3. Wow -- $80?! I'm sorry you missed it, but I'm sure you'll come across another one some day!

    I have mixed feelings about employees being able to have first dibs on the merchandise that comes in. On one hand, I think it's a great perk and part of what makes the job fun. On the other hand, I don't think it's fair that employees get to immediately scoop up the best stuff for themselves. I think they should put all merchandise on the floor and allow employees to purchase after 1-2 days.

    Here in the ATL area, Goodwill employees (and their families) are not allowed to shop at the stores they work in. I think that policy is kind of extreme, but I do understand why they do that. I'm sure some employees have found ways around that rule.
  4. I only mind when it means that I cant get something that I want!!! It does stink when the goodies get snatched up....but if I worked at Buffalo Exchange I would definitely want that perk!!
  5. Me too! This early in the morning, not yet having had my coffee. . . it seemed like a terrible dream! But all is well, and archived. :smile:
  6. Good for you! plus you scored some fabulous items while waiting
  7. Wow! So many fab items that we needed a new thread.
    What a proud moment this is!

    Cheers ladies!!!:hugs::drinks::party:
  8. She was a newbie and I sent an invoice. She paid this morning! Thanks everyone for your suggestions; the invoice worked.
  9. Yay! Glad it all worked out.
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    Do you have something in your auction stating you expect payment within X amount of days? I would not be worrying too much after 3 or 4 days.
    If I don't hear from someone after 2 days , I send them an invoice (even though eBay already did that). After 5 days I send them a (nice) reminder email. After a week, I might try one more time with another email. THEN you contact eBay and do a non-paying bidder claim. You used to be able to get the buyers phone number from ebay and give them a call, not sure if you can do that anymore. OOPS guess I was a bit late with this answer, but for future reference......
  11. For FREE!!!!!
  12. I worked at Buffalo Exchange about six years ago, and a manager explained it as our reward for having to dig through people's underwear sometimes! I know I bought amazing stuff when I was there!
  13. I have to be honest. I volunteer in a charity shop we are allowed to buy items but they have to of been on the shop floor for 24 hrs before we can buy it we are not allowed to take things before they go on the shop floor. We don't get discounts. And 99% of the great items we get in get bought by the public and not staff members. I have only ever bought one item from the shop, but it is quite expensive I much prefer hunting further afield where the prices are much lower and I find much better items.
  14. NEVER wash linen! It ruins the fabric!

  15. Last Sunday I asked to the ladies @ the charity booth if I could volunteer - they said they really need help at sorting the clothes that they are going to sell. :graucho::graucho::graucho: While I would love to do it and the ladies look very's a religious charity org and the lady already invited me to attend the church and you can't find a atheist as passionate as I am. LOL Also, my local charity shop is runned by a religious org.
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