Secondhand bargains - show yours here!

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  1. It is 65% linen, 32% viscose/rayon and 3% elastane/spandex. Hope that helps and thanks :smile:
  2. Ok, I was wondering about the invoice. I will send her one...thanks.
  3. I would never wash a blazer. I think it might make the shoulder pads wonky or mess up the construction in some other way! I would recommend dry cleaning. I am also reluctant to dry clean but in some cases it is worth it!
  4. Yeah it happens. Hopefully she's just a slow payer, but it definately happens a percentage of the time. File a non payment and they will refund your seller fees and the buyer will get a ding on their record
  5. Well it does not have shoulder pads so that's nice. To me it just looks like a cotton (or linen in this case) jacket.
  6. Uhuuuuu I was hoping they would find all your treasures!
  7. I would dry clean getting wrinkles out of linen is tough. ( that is after it has been washed )
  8. They have 4 days to pay before you're allowed to open a Unpaid Item Case.

    After you open the case, eBay will notify the auction winner and they will be given another 4 days to pay. After 8 days have passed, and they still have not paid you'll be able to close the case, receive a refund of your fees, and re-list your item.

    The buyer receives a non-payer strike against their account.

    BTW ... If they don't pay, I would block them from bidding on my future listings.
  9. yay!
  10. Great jacket.
    I always wash my "dry clean only" second-hand finds with WOOL detergent. I put them in a net bag and delicate machine wash them (curtains, silk, etc programm). Just remember to switch the spin OFF!
  11. Please share via PM your ebay screen name if you want to! :graucho:
  12. I agree w/the others - try send her a msg or an invoice. My latest buyers all took forever to pay for their items - I'm still dealing with a buyer who hasn't paid yet. :pullhair:
  13. Based on material, I would hand wash it.
    It has linen inside and this material will get wrinkles anyway but it is considered to be good thing, because it shows the authenticity (if it is linen or not). 100% linen wrinkles like crazy.
  14. You can say that again. My linen trousers drive me nuts at how wrinkly they get even when they are not worn HA
  15. Thanks so much. I think I will get it dry cleaned the first time then hand wash it after.
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