Secondhand bargains - show yours here!

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    Chowlover2 is right ...

    You are too hard on yourself. You looked lovely and you gave a great interview -- I loved your answers. As for the Hermes watch, I'm sending positive vibes your way that you will find another one at an even lower price or the employee will decide to return it.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your newest treasures soon.

  2. Congrats Anne you looked great!! I see that Anne is becoming famous, Raven is giving reporters tips soon Bravo will be contacting us for a new reality series! Lol!!
  3. I have a question for you savvy ladies! I need furniture big time... I have NO closet space in my new home, so I'm looking for storage. I found a three piece set... Two small dresser sections and one large wall-size mirror + drawers set. We're talking about 10ft!!! What is a reasonable price for something like this set? It's not in great condition - some small holes, chips, stains - but it looks nice and is hopefully fixable
  4. Anne- You are the cutest. I love all your finds. It makes me hunt harder somedays. Glad you shared the info on the earrings because i love them. Will go over to Etsy and see what i find. :cool:
  5. Purselover, I'm loving the baby with the large glasses! She is a cutie pie!
  6. Show title: "Bargainistas USA"
  7. Thank you!! She's into glasses and sunglasses. It's funny to me:biggrin:
  8. Yay....I have always thought there should be a reality series based in the closet! I am ready as soon as I am contacted!

    I promise that I was not fishing for compliments! Believe me...when I take a good photo...I post it everywhere anyone might see it! These photos felt a bit awkward when they were being taken so I knew I would not be overly thrilled with the results! was still funto be able to speak with others about something that I love!

  9. Anne, I finally managed to open the article page. You look good! I love everything you wore, esp. the earrings. :loveeyes:
  10. Tonight here on the TV news they were talking about second-hand shopping. They showed a consignment store and ... a woman who was dropping off a Bal bag :loveeyes: and a few pairs of CLs. They were going to sell the CLs for 150 euros.
  11. Anne,
    Love your interview..:smile: :smile:
  12. Well this thread inspired me to go to the thrift stores around my house (I go to consignment stores a lot but not really stores like the salvation army or goodwill) and I wasn't having any luck until today. I saw some Ferragamo shoes but they were about 2 sizes too small. I did, however, find a super cute DKNY blazer for $5! It's a simple, black, classic jacket that'll look great with some dark jeans. I looked online and similar jackets retail for around $500? I hope that's true, it'll make my find that much more amazing.
  13. Oh it is amazing! Let's see pics....:biggrin:
  14. I have clothes!!!!!! They found my trailer!!!!
  15. Yeah! me too!!!!
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