Secondhand bargains, let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. And no tags or labels at all?
    Wow...mystery bag.
  2. 5055F76A-17C6-4ED0-AC06-9045D97CDAD0.png
    Yes! The bag looks just like the Riva including the nipples on the studs, but the leather is different. Here is a pic I googled:
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  3. Wow...its really close....what does the interior of yours look there anything that looks like its been cut off inside?
    Maybe something was there and was removed.
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  4. I use toothpaste to polish it off.
  5. That's it, as you can see the leather is really different.
  6. I keep forgetting to share these. Pristine 1956 Ray Bans- $35. Over $600 on eBay last I looked. IMG_2458.JPG
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    It's fun when you find these cheap...I've found Fendi , John Galliano , Coach and Armani sunglasses for $2 each..the Fendi was a bit battered but the others were ok.
    But they even worn.
  8. East west musical instrument jacket $20

    Juicy couture computer satchel $2

    Fendi handbag $15

    Two Michael kors handbags $1.50 A piece

    Kate spade handbag $8

    Nib perfect drink $6. They sell for $99 online

    Two pairs of TORY Burch for $10 piece & a pair of Givenchy for $7

    A steam presser with a story attached...found it at the flea market nib. Vendor says $50. Then he looks it up and says he wants to keep it for himself. I tell this other vendor...she sends her customer over to him to purchase it and helps me load it in my vehicle. She says he does it all the time. Will tell some people $100 and others $50. It has a shipping label of a very large property management company. Guess they forgot to pay their storage.
    IMG_20190129_195110_783.jpg 20190127_134226.jpg 20190127_134308.jpg 20190127_134349.jpg 20190128_154110.jpg 20190127_134404.jpg 20190127_134622.jpg IMG_20190128_160011_408.jpg empressa-steam-press-300x249.jpg 20190128_154205.jpg
  9. Would love to see more of that jacket
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  10. Nice!!
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  11. Thank you, lady
  12. @jamamcg You find all the best McQueen pieces. So when I saw Scott Paskst InstaStories today, I thought of you. He’s a broadway set designer; he did the set for the BV show a few years ago. I grabbed a couple of screenshots

    Attached Files:

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  13. Yeah the exhibition in the London flagship store. It looks amazing. So many archive pieces. And the little paper maquettes are so cute.

    My McQueen acquisitions have been lacking as I have stiff competition from a major McQueen collector in London
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    Not big money or big designer items...but I love getting souvenir spoons...bit of fun to stir my tea with.Edited for clearer photos.
    20190209_122903.jpg 20190209_123029.jpg
  15. I had a relative who collected these. I forgot about them until now. I wonder what happened to them.