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  1. You can use an old toothbrush and white vinegar. Wipe frequently to keep it off the leather. There are also metal polishes, like wenol, brasso, and flitz. I usually only use those after I've gotten the heavy stuff off with vinegar.
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  2. Thank you !! I’ll give it a try !
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  3. Ugh - A Thunderbird is a Ford, not a Chevrolet (their sportscar of the era was the Corvette). Not just into purses, I'm into cars. :smile:
  4. 8AB986A7-D721-4976-8AAC-69A2AB27A1E8.jpeg
    38F39E9B-95C3-41AA-9328-A0F331BEBF2E.jpeg D928FACC-2BE7-41F4-94DD-332A718AE44D.jpeg 8EC88CE6-FD54-4C1D-9C84-B7F4A6B8F9EB.jpeg
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  5. It’s not Balenciaga, in fact, it has no marks whatsoever except the zippers are marked lampo. It’s really nice lightweight leather and very well made. For $13 I’ll call it my Balenciaga-ish! lol
  6. Those studs have nipples!
  7. I know, right?
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  9. Wonder if the girls on Id this Balenciaga could tell you what style its trying to be?
  10. I’m not very familiar with Balenciaga but I’ve been looking at pictures online to at least find something with those “nipply” studs but so far nothing!
  11. I kinda feel bad to post on their ID thread since it’s not Balenciaga
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  12. I don't think there are any Bals with nipples! I would look at the size and shape of the bag. I remember seeing a guide somewhere that compared different Bal styles.

    Maybe a Velo?
  13. Wow, that’s an informative link! Thank you! The shape does resemble Velo but that’s about it. There is no whip stitching on the handle. The leather looks like sheep or goatskin though.
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  14. Great link.
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  15. That style bag is a Velo, but in 2010 they did a line called " Riva " which was like the brogue styles ( the perforated leather )with the little silver buttons-no nipples though.. The leather is way off though. That is tradition Bal like leather. The Riva styles had a very, very soft leather, totally different from the the chèvre. I sold the Riva I had though, or I would post a pic for you.
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