Secondhand bargains, let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. Amazing Raven!!!!
  2. Those two totes are quite amazing! I really really love the Vivienne Westwood.
  3. You ladies are killing it with the Longchamp lately!
  4. I am soooooo happy to find this thread, all the goodies are awesome! I have only few thrift stores in my area. Besides thrift store, where would you guys recommend to get goodies for cheap and maybe even for resale? Would love to make some extra cash for school. Your recommendations are greatly appreciated!!!
  5. :welcome2: consignment stores, church run resale shops, garage sales, estate sales, local ad postings(just make certain to meet inside a very public Starbucks, grocery store or even police station:smile:. I have even found things I was looking for posted on the announcement cork board at my kids school, grocery store or in my office break room. If I really want something, I find that if I search then it is usually available significantly less second hand:smile:. The Treasure hunt is what is so fun!

    DH and I found a lovely violin for DD for Christmas on Craigslist. She decided to play Violin in orchestra at school this year and I have been paying @$40 a month to rent one for her. This one came with two bows, a gorgeous new case with strap, lots of song books and instructional D vDs, and the stand for the books. She will be really excited to have her own Violin.
  6. way cool!
  7. Thanks ladies, I am looking forward to carrying one now and the other later.
  8. That is truly a nice Violin, DD will love it. It's always nice to have your very own instrument.
  9. Sigh and envy here! That Givenchy find would have made me screech a little bit.

    Every time I see a violin I stare and stare. I find them so beautiful! I was always so sad my school didn't have an orchestra, but only "band." I would have totally played the violin rather than the trombone. Yes! I played the trombone. I was first chair! Must have been my fabulous lips! :cool:
  10. Beautiful violin. U Can get great deals on instruments on Craigslist.
  11. It did make me screech and then I looked around and ran to the register. I think it's great you played the trombone. I understand how you felt with "band" when you wanted orchestra. At this time I am trying to locate hourly musicians to help my students with their craft. So my babies will have strings next year; so exciting.
  12. Thank you so much for the suggestions! i will definitely start my hunt soon. Beautiful beautiful violin in such an amazing condition, congrats! your daughter will love it!
  13. That violin is beautiful. I think they are really pretty instruments. Who would think to look on CL for that? Good job.
  14. SUNDAY THRIFTING Please let me know if you know anything about these items.
    LAMB red t-shirt (I know what LAMB is, but have no idea if the shirt has any significance)
    JW Los Angeles pink embroidered tshirt
    Transit brown pants. The material is really thin. I looked at the Lampo zipper and knew they were not cheap. I saw the name on the button when I took the picture of the zipper. They will be great, next Summer.
    DSCN9136.jpg DSCN9128.JPG DSCN9125.jpg DSCN9126.jpg DSCN9132.jpg lampo.jpg
  15. I have never seen a tee by L.A.M.B. before. Her items do have long tags like yours, so I doubt it was a freebie with her L.A.M.B. perfume. It must have been sold on its own. Cute!

    Handbag score! All cute, but I have a special place in my heart for Vivienne Westwood & the Isabella Fiore is just uber cute. It might be safer to hang it on a doorknob or somewhere in the bedroom. Don't want your hubby to get confused when you carry it & it keeps get turned around! lol..
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