Secondhand bargains, let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. Wow hermes anything is an amazing find!! Congrats

    Yes I agree about the Armani, it's very form fitting though, I actually just realized that most of my Armani is collezioni, i think its his more youthful edgy line, lots of assymetrical And hiper clothes. I normally would buy this jacket cause I stick to more edgy stuff but ok out of work clothes and thought this was perfect!!

    So yummi!!! You just want to give them q big hug!!!!

    Awwww how sweet is that!!

    i definitely think they are real, never saw a messenger but the totes look identical. Also the fact that they are uncommon prove that they are probably not a replica!

  2. Wow love both, but that Celine coat was found at the perfect time! Fierce!!!

    Nice finds, I also have a ferragamo skirt that is too small for me, they don't let us try on clothes at the thrift so I take my chances! Lol!!

    I was thinking the same thing! You should definitely try! It would be an awesome pic to have if you decide to part with several of them!

  3. I would say at around 4-5 mos, that's when they start becoming curious and wanting to crawl.

    My baby was 4 wks early and weighed 8.8 lbs.... She was the biggest baby in the NICU (we joked that she looked like she ate the other babies lol) and she has been in a different milestone schedule than my other 2. However I have noticed that once she gets there she masters that skill very quickly.
  4. Chiming in here as another parent of a preemie baby. My first born was 4 weeks early and weighed only 3pounds 7 ounces! Yikes, I did not even know babies came that small ;) By 1 years old we stopped adjusting his gestational age. He was caught up. He did have many food allergies and asthma until school age.

    BUT .....

    He is now 15 years old, 6 foot 1, class Valedictorian and eats me out of house and home :lol:

  5. LOVE the hermes!!!!!!!!

    Gah!!!! Love all of the finds!!! The coat...I'm dying!!!!

  6. Nice finds! That jacket is so cool.

  7. Nice jeans. I bought some J Brand on eBay for around 40, but they don't fit yet. Boo! They're my goal pants now.

  8. Awesome finds.

  9. Aww. Does he lick the butter tub clean?
  10. I have a friend who's baby was born 27th pregnancy week, he's was 1700g, now he is 5 years old now and there are no issues. I think these things in development you are talking about should happen around 4 months of age.
  11. Around 4 months is when they start doing that. I know it's hard, but don't worry too much. Check out a website and book called The Wonder Weeks. I loved it!
  12. From last night's thrift adventure...
    I actually paid 11.24. So exciting. To keep or not keep is the question. I originally thought it was a cape (didn't bother trying it on at the store - was simply too excited to uncover it) but it's still cute. Actually looks like this.

    I have a question for you ladies. Do you dry clean the coats and jackets you thrift or can I just throw it in the dryer on medium heat for a bit?
  13. I was outbid on a pair. I wonder if it was the same pair. Size 25 j brand lovestory?
  14. Oh yay! I work for zac!!

  15. That is cool Krissie! I was just admiring some of his dresses in the celebrity thread.
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