Secondhand bargains, let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. Long time lurker (like a year++) and I am always amazed and excited by everyone's finds. Since discovering this fun thread, you've all inspired me to join the hunt. So after months and months of lurking, I shall share today's finds.

    My main errand was to go to Crossroads and be rid of some clothes. What an awesome experience compared to BE!!! I'm lucky if I walk out with $5 in credit. So imagine my delight when I walked out with $90 in cash annnnd I scored my first pair of JBrand jeans. 😁 Granted not nearly as cheap as you all have found but for a short girl like me, perfect jeans are hard to come by.

    Since I had credit, it's like free right? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1386557038.350055.jpg
  2. (Forgive me for my multiple posts. I'm such a newbie.)

    With pep in my step from Crossroads, I dropped the non-accepted goods at goodwill and found this!!

    With my 'rewards' I only ended up paying 5+ change for tax. I hunted to no avail for the Phillip Lim bag I stupidly didn't buy in store but no luck.
  3. All that was left to my errands was to stop at West Elm, which happens to be right next door to Housing Works. I don't go as much since discovering the joys of Goodwill and SA but I figured since I was there, why not? Well, lo and behold I scored these goodies.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1386558213.884734.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1386558230.767704.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1386558247.651648.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1386558263.834675.jpg

    Crazytown!! They were doing random "markdowns" today only. Whatever that means. They had lots of premium and contemporary designers so it must've been left over from their recent event. Now when does all this make it to the bag sale is my question. And has anyone ever gone because now I'm intrigued?
  4. Ugh jealous of the equipment blouse! Nice finds!
  5. Oh man! I love equipment. Great finds...
  6. Wow! Great finds and all brand new. Isn't it heaven when you find something like the Phillip Lim bag that you have been pining for?
  7. Use it girl! I'm sitting in my family room right now all cozy because of that fireplace. Heavenly and cold outside.


    I love your finds.
  8. How cool is this? Not a luxury brand, just plain old Aerosoles comfort. Plus the out-and-out delight of finding TWO pairs in MY size, barely worn! My inner hippie was romping through a field of flowers. They're soft as gloves, just the right heel height and only $1.50/pair at Goodwill Bargain Barn!

    Best of all? The ankle straps have velcro closures!
    DSCF9787.JPG DSCF9788.JPG DSCF9789.JPG
  9. Hey as I get older I can't wear high heels without comfort! Those are cute!
  10. Hooray! I used to find shoes for $1.50! It's the best price ever ESP when you score on two pairs you know you'll wear!

    That bag sale .. is legendary! So many you tube videos with Housing WOrks bag sale hauls! You must go!

    WOW!! How amazing that you found it!

    Love J. Brand ... for a time I thought they might be my favorite! But then most of what I put on as far as thrifted denim seems like my favorite!

    It IS back and none of us can stop it. I would wear the heck outta that awesome green leather vest! Beautiful!!

    I got these yesterday ...

    Blank NYC yellow gold pants ... helping decrease my yellow craving and they were $1 BNWT. I think they got donated from a store, because they were brand new but had two tears in the velvet where the back belt hooks attach. That happens when people try these on sometimes. I just spent a few minutes and reattached the belt loops and mended and reinforced that area.

    I have them on today cause they are so snuggly warm!

  11. Trust me, $30 is a S C O R E for JBrand Jeans. They are my favorite jeans and I won't even blink at a $30 price tag, especially if they are the perfect length. Congratulations.
  12. eBay SCORE

    I purchased, what I thought was the bottom part of this Fiesta Green Sugar Bowl for $5.95 (The listing said nothing about a top). I figured I would watch eBay for the top and buy it when it came up. Imagine my surprise when the $5.95 bottom came with a top...changing the value to somewhere in the $200 range. Pretty cool!
    fiesta.jpg fiesta 2.jpg
  13. Well Lisa little insider info since you live in SB area when Grandpa goes there are some stained glass scores to be had! They will probably have a huge garage sale and sell it for cheap! He did the most beautiful artwork with stained glass and beautiful lamps!
  14. Beautiful bowl MIL collects Fiesta ware!
  15. I totally agree ...and EYE SPY a 1/2 off stamp on those jeans, making them an incredible deal! :biggrin:
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