Secondhand bargains, let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. Love that shell box, and the Aquascutum-I die!
  2. Arrrgh I just tried multi quoting and it took random posts and not the ones I picked!! Thanks for the concern everyone :smile: we are so grateful that we are ok (or at least hope so Laz!!). My left ribs are extremely sore but I guess that takes a while to heal :/

    In other not-so-sad news...I'm engaged!! Yay!!! My (now fiancé hehe) proposed this morning saying after the accident he didn't want to wait any longer :smile: we are so excited and blessed!!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1380507777.673477.jpg
  3. Ohh so pretty! Our first engagement on this thread! Congrats! ::love::hbeat:
  4. So today was Sunday morning flea market day for me! I went looking for some beachy decorator items for my house and here's some of what I found:

    A lovely mermaid..
    Carved seahorses...they're carved out of some sort of stone and about 6 inches tall. Cute for .50.
    Shells..shells in a bucket...and more shells..I love love love the giant clam..but it's not as giant as I'd like. It's only 15" across. I'm hoping I can find it's mommy someday!
    A vintage GE nautical clock. It's keeping perfect far!!
  5. Wow Congrats ,,,beautiful ring!!! Hope you heal fast.

    What a fun theme, you found some great items at the flea market!
  6. More flea market finds...I scored a cool vintage Saks Fifth Avenue (made in France) bag for $4.00. Looks like it's never been used. The guy said it came from the Beverly Hills estate of a 102 year old woman...he's at every flea market and has been using the same story for as long as I can remember! I also bought some Fire King bowls from him for $2.00 each.
    photo bag.JPG
    I thought of Laz when I spotted this cute homemade sundress. Love the print! The details on the pockets and neckline are great. It just needs to be hemmed, unfortunately someone cut it off!

  7. That's so crazy! :sad: Are there any repercussions for stealing coupons?!

    CONGRATS!! What a gorgeous ring! :heart:

    (I hope you feel better soon!)

    I love it all, but especially that mermaid! I love mermaids!
  8. So glad you are feeling OK and congratulations! Very exciting time in your lives, I am sure! The ring is gorgeous! Was it a surprise? Did he pick out the ring? Tell us more :smile:
    Love all your sea themed decorations and those shells are HUGE! They are pretty pricey, too!
  9. Congrats, what great news!
    Great finds, I'm a sucker for beachy stuff!
  10. So I have been lurking around eBay looking for trouble when I found this Hermes Cliquetis scarf listed as a replica. The seller was very obviously inexperienced in H and listed it way below value. I did my research and took a chance. It was just authenticated and my hunch was right, it's authentic. Paid a total of $46 for an authentic Hermes in a near mint condition. YAY.
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1380509542.106569.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1380509579.251901.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1380509606.727925.jpg
  11. WOW!:faint:
  12. Beautiful!

  13. WHAT?! That's awesome congrats! Super jealous!

    Ugh I have the thrifting itch but definitely can't go until either Thursday or next weekend :sad:
  14. They apparently do not know but they are about to find out! I actually did need those coupons to score my free polish! LOL. Quite true!

    Yes the Aquascutum is a great example of a garment well made that can be found secondhand (like secondhand chic the book says) that is very valuable and well made. The buttons! I can't even read that writing It is so tiny ... but you can tell it is made well.

    Hooray! Yanuk-Lovah! I like the way they make the whole pelvis and the pockets and the way they play with angles. I do not remember if I mentioned this. Mom was here and stepdad spilled grease on some pants and she said they were ruined. Like a commercial I gave her So I Love and she declared it a MIRACLE product and wanted more to take home with her to New Mexico!

    I like the shell box too! It is like something I would find on Catalina Island!

    The Aquascutum is divine! Tiny tiny checks that all match!

    Hooray! Best Wishes!

    I love your pretty ring! Aw! I remember the day of my engagement it was so exciting!It is a great feeling! Enjoy! :smile:

    Hooray! Love the shells!

    So in love with the Liar at the 102 year old Bev Hills House Dealer! Hilarious! Also love fire king! Immoratal!

    And yes what a divine print!! I was just cursing the DIY youtubers who told girls to "just cut it off" cause I found something like that. I just saw a great vintage dress on CassieStevens who blogs about DIY and vintage dresses. She used a kind of large bias strip to hem a skirt and make it longer and finish a cut off seam. I love the look.

    Perfect bag!

    I love handmade vintage. It really makes me feel like I am flipping the bird to F21. No one is going to be wearing my dress! Ever! It's a nice feeling. Homey!


    SCORE! it is lovely!

    Well if they catch him selling them, which is probably what is happening, then yes. No clue what would happen but I think he'd probably no longer have a job.

    The thing is these coupons specifically get sold for about 3-4$ each as a whole or if they are cut up into individual sets they go for more. They are high value when used. Or sold.

    I was ready to believe it was just a mistake til I checked the stores and NONE of them had the P&G's. Just too large a coincidence and then I got home from thrifting and he'd brought one paper instead of five. So one P&G instead of all five despite me being very specific.
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