Secondhand bargains, let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][​IMG][/FONT]

    Samantha Sung Hepburn Dress ... BNWT ... $1




    Maxwear ...


    I like the leather embossing here ...

    $1 leather pants ....


    Chris Parry button up with these button cufflinks? The findings are sterling silver ...

    Made in England ... it's v.v.v.v.v. nice ... he's a jewelry designer so ... not sure how this happened ... but it did ....



    Upside down (photobucket: YOU SUCK!) Cynthia Steffe Skirt and J. Crew sweater that some bastage shrunk ... I will give it to my tiny friend. She can sleep in a walnut shell ...

    All $1 ... Sunday Morning thrift.

    Tragically the store I get my energy drink from ... pre-sunday morning thrift HAD none. Like gone from the shelves. Probably had cocaine in it. Regardless I was moving so slowly compared to the dealers that they were mocking me ... LOL in a friendly way ... cause now after all this time we're friends ...

    Still. I am all out of .. fake energy ... ? This could be bad
  2. Yippee Hermes!
  3. [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][​IMG][/FONT]

    Valentino Night ... made in Italy ... velvet with amazing buttons ... seriously ...

    This would have to be the gold standard of NOT removing the shoulder pads ... cause it adds to the garment ...

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][​IMG][/FONT]

    Yes it is insane that this was $1 ....


    But wait ... wait ....

    LOOK AT THIS....


    Vintage peignoir set ... all silk ... with hand done trapunto ... I wish I had had this for my Honeymoon ...



    a small FREE nail polish haul at CVS ... yes those two OPI's are SPeak for your Elf and How's it Snowin which were Ulta exclusives ... 2011 Holiday. I never saw them at Ulta. But they show up at CVS two years later? I bought them with ECB's and coupons.... the Sally Hansen is also totally free if you can work your coupons and roll yer ECBs! Nice. CVS keeps giving me free nail polish so I keep taking it. Cause ... you know ... manners and New Math ...
  4. Love it all Lazlo! ESP the lingerie good gravy that is gorgeous!
  5. Hooray! I have never found any Hermes. And I like ... yellow ... donkeys

    Thanks! Yeah the vintage set is deeply amazing. I think I can get away with wearing that jacket IRL. With jeans and a white tank that is more masculine. It could work. It's so beautiful! It looks like a vintage store donated it. That happens around here, Wasteland often donates to Salvos ...
  6. Wow! I haven't seen any candles. Only the inexpensive ones (99cent store) or tea lights, but they are priced the same and used!
    That 25c YC was a great deal!!

    I don't know if you got in on the deal.. but a few months ago ikea had their 100 tea lights for $1 - No limit @ my store! :smile:

    hehe... I see the opposite! tons and tons of perfumes! :wacko: I'm more of a candle person though :smile:

    I gotta go hunt for some candles :happydance::wlae: (just another excuse to go thrifting..... hehe)
  7. These are for Lazlo, my denim twin:


    From left to right: William Rast Savoy in Dark Handsand, William Rast Savoy in Jupiter, 7 for All Mankind in Caribbean.

    And this...

    Can't beat Lazlo's free nail polishes (I don't think that's possible in Canada), but for $1, I am satisfied. May I present you with OPI Thanks So Muchness! It's from the Alice in Wonderland series that's discontinued. Apparently a very rare colour.
  8. Hurricane Coach must've blown this way! I've picked up 4 in the last 2 days: 2 black, 1 red, and a canvas/leather pink wallet. Prices ranged from $1.99 to $6.99 but I had a 25% off coupon too. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1376345232.066914.jpg
    I also got a black/black vintage Dooney (excellent condition). $6.99 with add'l 25 off
    And a John Romain wicker and leather with brass satchel for $2.99 with, you guessed it, 25 off.
    I have a lot of catching up to do--back to school shopping and registration have had me hog-tied...
  9. You should come thrifting in my city and I should go to yours! :biggrin:
  10. :worthy::worthy: I WISH I can find Coach for that price. I saw a small Coach nylon tote today, and they wanted $19.99 for it.

    And that! The leather used to make vintage Dooneys is amazing.

    I have never heard of John Romain before, so I did a little bit of search, and found this:

    I think it's the exact same one as yours? WOW!
  11. '

    It's alarming that I can spot William rast so quickly! LOVE William Rast. I have a pair of Ronnie Skinny jeans that are grey and I think they are actually men's but I LOVE Them with an unbridled passion! Those are HOT jeans Miss Canada!

    Also ... withouty CVS t would be tough to get free polish. But you have the Trailer Park Boys ... and that's forever!

    Of course I know the Alice in Wonderland collection. It was very limited and that is a rare one! Absolutely Alice remains a top 20 for me ... I can barely talk about her and she is on my toes right now! Great score!

    LOL!!! I love that you have 25% off coupons on top of the already insanely low prices! So cool! And ... please to blow that hurricane this way!

    Yeah I would have ended up with like ... 50 bags of tea lights from Ikea!

    I like the 99 cent store white religious candles en masse. But hey if it can get more affordable so be it! Mamma needs a bottle of Egoiste and a bottle of vintage Chanel 19! So ... I will pinch these pennies!

    Currently the crafty brain is working on a mason jar taper candle model ... testing to follow!
  12. It was a birthday coupon--good in all stores for the day. So, of course, I rallied to 5 of them. LOL. I made a HUGE mistake though. There was a 5th Coach. A green Broadway Satchel in EXCELLENT condition, with the strap lovingly inside. It was $9.99. For a split second, a BAD split second, I thought it was too expensive given the others I had purchased. I put it back and a lady-out of nowhere, I swear-swooped it up before it even left all my fingers. That was last week. I STILL kick myself.
  13. :greengrin::roflmfao:
  14. Melting the tapers make perfect sense to me. I make candles on occasion and melt the wax in an old coffee can! I don't want to mess any of my good pots up, and I crimped a little spout so I can pour easily- easy peasey! You can take the wick out and reuse in a Mason jar. You can also add oil and scent so you have any fragrance you want.
  15. Laz the finds are amazing!!!! Congrats on your first hermes!!

    I swooped into goodwill last Friday super quick. They had quite a few good things, but none I was dying over. They did have 2 black Lacoste polos for men that looked brand new for $4 each. Should have gotten them for Christmas presents.

    Ended up with an authentic Burberry tie for $2! The ties were decent for once. I saw more burberry (not the plaid), YSL, dior and Oscar de la renta. Most had spots and weren't stuff my DBF needed so I passed. But the Burberry one will be a great gift for my dad or brother! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1376349147.368951.jpg
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