Secondhand bargains, let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. What is POSH? And do you list on it like eBay? Please list the address so that I can take a look-thanks!
  2. i believe they're referring to Poshmark:
  3. Thanks, Kasey!
  4. 1960's Tonala Cat
  5. You are the master! Teach me your ways!!
  6. I just looked at eBay. I did not realize Isabel Marant was that expensive on eBay. I need to go back around the block to the Consignment Store and BUY that Isabel Marant I saw, on Sale, and sell it. Thanks for that info.
  7. I found a Miu Miu handbag. It's on the authenticaion thread, tell me what you think.
  8. I think it is authentic, but believe it one of their older bags; not sure of the year. I authenticate over the way and am normally accurate, but maybe you should wait for others to chime in with their thoughts.
  9. Yeah, I think it older but it's in great shape. Thanks 2goodeyes, you are great!
  10. Miu Miu! Congrats!!!

    Wanted to drop in and say thanks ladies for all the great comments on my find a few days ago. I'm been so busy I haven't been able to check out all your ladies great stuff but will play catch up soon.
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    I think the Coach Hurricane of 2013 has finally fizzled...slim pickins lately...except this white Soho Leather Hobo for $9.99 at a nearby Goodwill. It was marked "as is" but it is truly in near-perfect condition.

    Locally I found a beautiful PURPLE Cole Haan for $14.99...couldn't pass it up because of the color. I posted it on the AT Cole Haan thread ( don't know if there will be a response because that thread is soooo old. Does anyone here know about CH? Would love to know name and age.

  12. I don't know much about Cole Haan, but that bag is gorgeous! :smile:
  13. I think that is a gorgeous bag! It's sooooo cool! Love it! It's like a ... big fluffy denim looking bag! It's leather right? I love the proportions!

    I can't believe how pretty that Purple Cole Hann is and ... I say that it's ok that the pickins are slim cause that Coach is so pretty!

    I went to a party-show on Saturday night and got to carry my Enid Collins Sea Garden bag and I was all dressed in white linen and lots of nice people commented on their enjoyment of my clothing! And bag! People love a crazy bag. All thrifted!

    I'll be back with yesterday's finds ...
  14. I love his face! It's so expressive! I woulda snatched him up in a NY Minute and I don't really even collect cat figurines (statues?) ... just the actual cats.

    Congrats! I am waiting on my first D&B very patiently.

    Once I saw one that interested me, but even at 50% off it was STILL $25 and in bad condition. It had been used to death so I left it. I haven't seen one since. I bet that was a year ago!

    Yep yep yes yes ... yes. I mean. Who wants to clean wax off those crystal holders? No. I don't.

    There's a neighbor down the way who almost burned his house to the ground with an aromatherapy candle. And I am not any kind of organized person. So I started to use tarts. But jar candles are ok and I think that tea lights in heavy holders are ok. The inner cheap person (Hmmm ... maybe now that you all know about my cheapness ... thriftiness it is now outer-showing ..) ... anyhow those tapers are 5 cents. Of 2.5 cents at half off.

    I'm tempted to see if I can just use a big old mason jar and melt them one by one on top of one another. So sort of creating a jar candle with tapers. I am not sure if I am making sense.

    You are Awwwesommmeeee! GOOD JOB!

    Show us your other finds! Come on I'll show ya mine! :smile:

    Prettiest Pao of the Universe!
  15. Baby's first Hermes!


    I found this at the 99 cent only store ....


    I was just minding my own beeswax (as par usuale!) and I heard this voice ... in French ...

    Being Outrageous ... luring me to look thru the ties ...

    Off I went from the Raw Brown Sugar made in Mexico ...


    My French Donkey is Angry. He will not take any more Americans to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.


    I wore it yesterday with lots of white linen ... as a trophy ...



    Dior for a dollar?

    I think I need to take out the shoulder pads ...



    Just a basic grey flannel dress but so exciting cause it is so so so so soft like wearing pajamas ... with pockets


    Also a Sunday Morning thrift find ...

    The fail was buying Sex in the City DVD's (at $4) that are the wrong format for this country! But now I am edumucated ... and if I move to South America I am all set ...

    Live and Learn ...
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