Secondhand bargains, let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. HOORAY!!!! Typical me, always late to the party :p. I hope it went smoothly!!! And big congratulations!!
  2. *hugs*

    Hope you're doing okay today :heart:. I couldn't agree more with your sentiments.

  3. Butter London's Hardwear topcoat is great! A less spendy but kind of stinky one is China Glaze Fast Forward :smile:. I LOVE Nails, Inc. Caviar base coat & Duri Rejuvacote as base coat :smile:

    Cute suit bottoms!! I love the color :heart:
  4. YAY!! I'm glad meanie wasn't there :smile:

    I love, LOVE that jacket! That purple color is DIVINE!!! And, as a girl who remembers wearing some ugly *** crap when I was an 80's kid I think that's a big step. I just know you'll know how to work it!!!

    Love your other cheapie finds and YAY for hubby blazers!!! How cool that one hails from South Africa?!
  5. Thankfully I didn't HAHA but my gown/robes did get caught on the chair as I was going up. And what didn't help was the fact that Jonathan Saunders was there receiving a honorary doctorate.
  6. That's because the 80's were awesome! I wore my 80's Gianni Versace dress out on Sunday and everyone commented...Some people stared funny but those people obviously have no fashion sense. I even had a guy say that he had always wanted to start a street style blog before they became popular, but never saw enough people to ever feel motivated to start it, and he loved my outfit and now regretted never starting that blog LOL!

    I went to the Viktor&Rolf dolls exhibit which was amazing! I will have to upload some pics from my phone. Basically it's a bunch of the best runway outfits they produced scaled down and fit onto dolls! The details are amazing and they definitely scaled down everything even the crystals on dresses just everything is a complete mirror image of what they produced for models on the runway! It's on as part of the Luminato festival here in Toronto so admission was totally free and I also went around and did some other free things like having my hair done with an oil treatment (made my hair super soft and they even gave me a sample bottle to take home), and had my nails professionally done at the L'Oreal booth! I've never had my nails done before since I always opt to do them myself but I wasn't saying no to free and they even let us keep the bottles of polish they used. It was a decent distraction from the whole Fatherless Father's Day depression...I made the mistake of logging into Facebook while I had lunch and all my friends were posting about the dinners they were making for their dads or the road trips they were taking etc etc and it put a serious damper on my day knowing that I couldn't even call my dad.
  7. :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:
  8. The Viktor & Rolf dolls exhibit sounds amazing, you were so lucky to see it!

    I lost my Dad in '76 and Father's day still depresses me, you are not alone!:hugs:
  9. Pictures as promised before I have to go to work...
    1371506395531.jpg 1371506408119.jpg 1371506418339.jpg 1371506430244.jpg 1371506442933.jpg 1371506457175.jpg 1371506467962.jpg 1371506479246.jpg 1371506492097.jpg 1371506501653.jpg
  10. Cont
    1371506525365.jpg 1371506533815.jpg 1371506543668.jpg 1371506552340.jpg 1371506559601.jpg 1371506566926.jpg 1371506574380.jpg 1371506583618.jpg 1371506594402.jpg 1371506603879.jpg
  11. Final ones...
    1371506628659.jpg 1371506658028.jpg 1371506668385.jpg 1371506678526.jpg
  12. WOW! They are simply amazing. Couture work is a whole other level of design, but making the designs that small is incredible. Thanks so much for posting pics!
  13. This is for Lazlo! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1371508949.760629.jpg
  14. First...great pics Lady. Now, I need to see that in person. It's totally awesome!
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