Secondhand bargains, let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. Poor foxes. They were doing a lot of construction in the wooded areas & probably driving the poor animals out of their comfort zones. Before that I had never seen a fox. We've also noticed a few coyotes. It makes me wonder if there's any bears back there?
  2. Ohhhh the scarf has Morning Glories! How lovely! Lovely! Letmetellya buddy girl that there scarf would not be $2 here ... no no ...

    Still looking for Church yard sales and still failing like Satan in an Easter Bonnet ... But I persist! One day I will meet my source ...

    hey maybe I should start by asking my Godmother ...

    I love that bag!

    I blame LadyAsh for my new found love of the 80's Fashion. Never thought it would happen to me. I wore a Liz Claiborne (aka Liz) silk royal blue leaning purple dress today ... I was partying like it was 1985!Icoulda used your purse for the color palette!
    Oh you Nice German Girl! They have such high prices on nail polish in Germany from what I recall. Here, if you follow the coupon ways you can pay so little for drugstore polish!

    Me too Me too! It is so great!
  3. I could watch them every day!
  4. If one fox has it, the others catch it. About 5 yrs ago one really mangy fox started hanging around, I fed her and she slept under my back porch for a few weeks. She was too far gone and passed away, but I like to think her last weeks with me were happy. Another showed up with a touch of it and that's when I contacted the UK, they are very animal pro life. So the woman told me what to do, I could never ask my vet. I live in the country, but they would tell me to call animal control. Most people keep their dogs on the pill heartworm medication ( Advantix, etc ) but I use a liquid, much cheaper. It's the same stuff they told me to use for mange, so it was just luck I had it. I swear I am now a fox resort. I went out food shopping, I come home at 2:30 and one is sitting on my back lawn sunning himself. I fed him, and now he's back. It's odd because they are nocturnal creatures. I just told him there were chickens next door! I have to get a pic if I can.
  5. Did you find Lava? I am dying for that one! I don't blame you about free styling your quilt tops, I don't like the marks stencils leave either, I am a purist. I live near Amish country and you should see some of the quilts they make there!

    I was actually going to invite and and all to the Bish thread. I think we are Bishes,Part IV by now. It's a great thread, some regulars and lots of great support from other members. You can talk about anythink, work,lack of it, boyfriends, mothers in law and you will always find a shoulder to cry on. The women there are wonderful! If anyone is interested I will tell Coco to break out the bartenders and we will have a party for the new recruits.
    I just saw these Siberian foxes on Nightline. The guy sells them for $8900 each!!! Can you believe it?
    Bring me a shrubbery!
  6. Those who embroider will know how I feel i got to embroider onto the worlds longest embroidery :smile:. It's quite exciting :smile:
  7. So, I have to come back to this. We are all always looking for treasures at the Thrift Store...but SOMETIMES we have it in our jewelry box; and we don't even know it.

    Last night on Dukes of Melrose they were talking about Schiaparelli. Never heard of it. So today I Google it. There is some jewelry that looks just like these earrings of my Mother's, that I always loved and now possess (they were the only piece of "fashion jewelry" I kept). I never thought they were anything but cool looking. Got the loupe out and they are marked! Schiaparelli. VERY COOL. I even had good fashion sense when I was a little kid!
    DSCN6973.jpg DSCN6975.jpg
  8. Wow that's very cool to learn you have stuff in your closet that you didn't even know had value!
  9. Yeah this one looked really sick. It was sad. What did you feed him? The first time I saw the fox it made a sound that almost sounded like a cat. I wasn't sure if it was a huge stray cat or a small mountain lion.
  10. Ok I'm going to share some of my second hand finds! Most are not even with me! I purchased them on posh and they went straight to my moms house and ill see them at the end May. Only one was purchase here and it's my favorite!!! Found a consignment place and purchased this...
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1368143695.763186.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1368143710.763792.jpg
    Retails for $800 got it for about $320

    Chanel flats for $37 have to take them to a shoe repair guy!
    Jbrand pants for $25
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1368143880.662025.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1368143901.552247.jpg
    Hermes belt buckle for $110 they retail for about $370 the second pic is what it looks like!
  11. All I can say is ...WOW, GREAT DEALS!!!!!:yahoo:
  12. OMG! That's amazing! What is it and what is it for? Is it going to be shown somewhere?
  13. I knew of Schiaparelli, even went to a fashion show of her work at the Museum of Art in Philly. This is what stuck with me, Elsa was very avant grade for her time! The earrings are beautiful! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1368150839.484820.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1368150855.553057.jpg The lobster dress!
  14. What a high end haul!
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