Secondhand bargains, let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. Hey y'all. I'm a college student with expensive taste so (with the exception of bags) I thrift for almost all of my clothing buys. I've never posted a find, but have been lurking on this thread lately and am convinced its been giving me good juju. Every time I read it, get inspired, and head out I find something amazing!

    I didn't take pictures of everything, but the best thing I found last week was...

    An authentic (thanks for the info sdsurfchick) Hermes Monnaies et Symboles de Parisii by Zoe Pauwels (2006).. I paid $5!

  2. What a great find, those are super cute! I would hate to be the consignor whose shoes only sold for $19 but lucky for you for sure!
  3. That's a great find! Vintage LV is so amazing, and IMO better made than it is today. It looks like it's in great shape, too. Maybe in need of a little love to look as good as new.

    Happy birthday! That dress looks GREAT on you!

    I absolutely love that yellow blazer. So perfect for Spring. Congrats on the finds!
  4. Love your Mulberry and I think Laz's new math is 'da BOMB! I love to fund an indulgence this way:smile:
  5. Gorgeous!! I'm in college too (well for 24 more days anyway lol) and never pay retail! Love the scarf :smile:
  6. Ah a Rick Owens jacket?! How much are they asking? I can't be buying much either as we are trying to save up for the move since I won't get my first paycheck for a few weeks after I's hard!!!!
  7. Thanks mharri20, its my first Hermes and I love it! I'm been toying with the idea of being a great daughter and giving it to my mom though.

    Congrats on the upcoming graduation.. mine is May 18th!
  8. Awesome finds, as always! I went to visit my family last week and found a Louis Vuitton garment bag for $650 at an indoor flea market. It was gorgeous, but have no need for it. Especially at that price. It was still exciting to find it though! I just came across this on Pinterest. Perfect for all those thrift store ties!! :biggrin:
  9. What a find!
  10. Okay found for my 25 year old skinny daughter, Earl jeans and Citizen of Humanity for $4.00 each. Ah I used to be that skinny but after 4 kids and two in my late 30s . I am stuck to wearing a curvy 31.
  11. As is my opinion of most all high end bags - LV, Chane,l Prada, and even Marc Jacobs- the older ones are better made with more high quality materials and workmanship. The stitching on the handles of my LV needs some TLC's my rain purse.
  12. LisaK.....complete score on the LV! What a find!
    Tuuli...the MJs are so cool!
    Laz.....I so enjoy hearing about your Sunday morning thrift outings!
    Afisch....happy anniversary! Your vintage shoes are incredible:tup:
    Gotta.....hope DD 5 has a completely magical birthday in the Magic Kingdom:party: I wanna be 5....or at least have the wonder of a 5 year old at Disney:yes: your H find! I have found all of my H scarves this way:smile:

    Today I found white patent Hermes sandals!! And Herve Leger platform pumps(I did not know they made shoes:rolleyes: but of course they would....
  13. For some reason I can't add photos to my above post.....$5.95 each pair
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1366146178.404551.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1366146197.267311.jpg
  14. :ghi5: I feel you on the curvy jeans....I have my 'goal' 28s hanging on the back of my closet door so I see them every morning when I get dressed.....
  15. Mharri....what incredible finds!! I love all of the amazing leather pants that the thrifty ladies here have found!

    Pao......I hope you enjoyed the craziness of el Rastro. It was such a treasure hunt when I went years ago:smile:
    Love your BB coat, it looks fantastic on you:biggrin:
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