Secondhand bargains, let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. Could someone take a look at my Loewe on the authentication thread? I have a blue bag, I don't think it's authentic and I have the leather brown portfolio, which I think it is authentic. I don't know much about Loewe, but I do know nice leather, so tell me what you think PFF's?
  2. Must be toss out your vintage and flaky fendi bag week...found this yesterday for $2.98
    1365987590239.jpg 1365987617974.jpg

  3. Oh my goodness. You have no idea what a run down memory lane your post gave me. My grandfather collected Avon perfume bottles. Like at least 1000 of them when he died. He had shelves put up all over the basement to hold his collection. My uncle took most of them when the house was cleaned out. (sorta/kinda~my dh and I still cleared out a ton when we bought the house...). Anyway, my sister and I joke about them when we see them at yard sales. My grandfather was ultra great though, he used to take us yard sale-ing when we stayed with him and my grandmother when my parents were working.

  4. I love what you found and I totally lol'd at your Dior Poison scenario :biggrin:. I want to heave when I smell CK Obsession. O.M.G. Red door is another...
  5. AHhhhhhhhhh!!!! They are so adorable! I don't have many for the exact reasons you listed. But when I do find them, I buy. I found the 1974 Red Robin with Rose x3 today and it was $2.50! I was happy!

    That is so cool wildfury, like an intant collection you inherited! It will look beautiful! You need a few of the vintage mirror vanity trays! Yes yes ... *makes plans for you*
  6. I will puke at even a whiff of red door...blechhhh
  7. I am dying over the Eiffel Tower that is amazing!!! And the snail!!
  8. Wowie that Loewe portfolio is a dream. Definitely authentic. I absolutely love it!
  9. Cool beans! Thank you Krissie...I paid .90 cent for it. I couldn't believe it was there waiting on little ole' me.
  10. Those are so cute:smile:.
  11. My latest find from consignment store:
  12. 90 cents!! That's a real find. I can think of a million ways to wear that beauty. Enjoy! She's lovely!
  13. So pretty I love Mary Janes!! Great color too.
  14. Thank you!

    I took my friend out to consignment store yesterday. Her husband does not approve used things, so she hasn't been in any of the second hand stores before. Poor girl was afraid to look around, I told her many times that we can leave any time she wants ... but I think she will go back. Get them addicted :biggrin:
  15. I have gotten many friends hooked haha I even got my mom hooked. A woman that was skeeved out by everything and anything growing up and still is, is now a thrifter lol she loves it.
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