Secondhand bargains, let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. Wow this thread moves fast!

    The last thread is now archived, please continue here!

    Post any of your recent secondhand/thrift store/consignment, etc. . . treasures!
    **Please remember that we allow only authentic items on tPF. If you are not certain about authenticity, please do not post it here.**
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    Wow, a new thread!! :cool:

    Found this parka recently at VV for $12.00

    I read the label and it said "LAD musician"
    I had never heard of the brand before, but I absolutely loved the coat.
    I ended up googling it a bit once I got home and found out that it's actually a popular menswear brand in Japan.

    Their coats seem to go for a bit..

    I absolutely love the red colour and it will be perfect for when I go to Ottawa soon. :biggrin:

    Happy thrifting!

  3. beautiful coat! Did it cost you a ton? I love the fur around the hood. I'm going to get out my fur hat I thrifted in June when it was hella hot. It's not snowmaggedon but we're having some Alaskan cold front here. It feels cold and very very still.

    Parka time! It's ok if i wear my ski suits inside right? They were thrifted and are ... Retro ...
  4. It was originally 24$ but I ended up getting it half price ;)
    The fur is in really nice condition, but I'm worried about it getting worn, because I live in Vancouver and it rains excessively!!

    Retro ski suits.... incredible! Do you have a picture?
  5. I'm sending you a Chow to snuggle with, Beau will keep you and the cats warm!
  6. ForumRunner_20130210_225654.png

    What do u think of this jacket? It was just $10. Buttons say Louis vuitton but label says louis vuitton uniform. Its a very nice wool jacket but do I want to wear a store uniform?
  7. I thought it would be archived soon HAHA
    WOW we managed to fill a thread within a year. 7 months to be exact.
    Well done everyone :smile:
  8. Louis Vuitton uniform! Just call me an employee, because I would wear it!:roflmfao:
  9. New thread....exciting!:yahoo:Congrats PFF's!
  10. LOL

    I also heard that those little hip bags they wear are made for employees only?!
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    Wow, new thread a;ready!

    So verdict on my Prada is back:"Looks old (25+) but probably authentic." What would you do? Consider it authentic and wear it or rather not?
    Edit: I apologize if it goes against the rule "no fakes".
  12. I think it depends on you. It isn't necessarily fake so if you love it, you should carry it.
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    It is real. That is authentic Prada lining, the nameplate is correct, zipper is correct, and the rivets on the triangle are not hollow (like on the fakes).Not sure why someone authenticating Prada would not know this. I don't think it is 25 years old, maybe 10.
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    Thank you!

    Thank you! You made my day! Its exactly that type of bag I need right now and nice to know that I didn't waste my 22 dollars.:smile:
  15. I think that coat is adorable!!! I would totally wear it!
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