Secondhand Bargains....let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. i didn't even look through them all some are scottish themed and some are floral. i got in a bit of a fluster going through them as there was a spider in the bag :spiderweb::panic:
  2. Wow they are all great finds. Love the Bennatton, Scarves and Shorts

    Do we get a little more info :graucho: I love the shape and fabric!
  3. The dress with padded shoulders and bell shaped skirt, constructed with integrated corset
    Labelled 'ALEXANDER MCQUEEN' ;)
  4. You can always tell an original McQueen piece. And this is definitely an iconic McQueen. (As much as I love Sarah, she just doesn't bring the crazy.)

    How much I would pay would depend on if it fits me, and what it looks like on. Also, if it is in wearable condition, and if I could create an occasion to wear it.

    If it fits and looks amazing - $300 to $700. If I have an "status" place (a place where people actually care what I am wearing) to wear it - and it fits and looks amazing - $500 to $1000.
    If it is badly worn, too tiny, over altered... between $100-200.
  5. Thanks Nilla, I'm having a hard time pricing it. I thought about keeping it, but I want to keep my eye on the prize....Chanel!
  6. Thanks Flip, I would keep it, but fur irritates me. lol Thank goodness my dog doesn't shed.
  7. Ditto :lol:
  8. A really lot!!
  9. Hey PFF's, I put the beige Ferragamo on the bay and it didn't sell. I asked for a reasonable price. Someone just emailed me and offered $30 and asked me to think it over. What do you think?

  10. What page is the photo on?
  11. I'm getting ready to re-post, I will let you know.
  12. First of all i didn't buy it but i would love to meet the person who did :graucho:. and i can now tell you that the dress was bought for £79,250 ($123,472)
  13. omg! Cool beans!
  14. You see - part of my problem is that I do come across enough McQueen in the $50-400 range that I think the $120K range is a bit mad.

    Perhaps if it was a one-of-a-kind. A student piece, or at the very least pre-Gucci. Signed. And it came with a note from Lee to Isabella Blow, explaining his original conception of the piece, his inspiration, and how much he cared for her. Preferably with good gossip in the middle lines that I didn't know before. Or a hint about how to tailor with built in corsets.

    Which, I usually think are a terrible idea, because they seldom look good on people. Corsets should be custom.
  15. it really should :biggrin:
    The dress is sort of one of a kind as four were made, this one, a black one, a black long sleeved one and one made from feathers, also another reason it probably went for so much money is because it belonged to Daphne Guinness
    there was another McQueen dress that sold that i was also going to make you guess but i couldnt find a good enough picture of it, but that one sold for £85,250($132,820) and these shoes from Lee's final collection which sold for £15,000($23,415)
Thread Status:
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