Secondhand Bargains....let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. That's really a cool bottle.
  2. Lazlo you will enjoy this...I've started purchasing vintage slips to sleep in. They are so much cooler and comfortable than the average gown. Now, I found this gown for $2.80. I will not sleep in it, but I thought it was so pretty.
    Also, I found a Roberta di Camerino scarf for $1.....
    ....and a Mantero (Italy) scarf for $1.
  3. Yeah ... don't put teeth on a necklace.

    I can relate to needing cowboy boots! I needed some for the longest longest time! I finally found mine and they are great and were not at all bad! It took years to find mine! i am patient. I can wait for the thrift gods ..

    I love your new boots! $40 is not bad! $20 a boot! Downright cheap with some new math! $40 is what a ... mid range not memorable dinner out costs ... yep. Or fills up a gas tank 2/3rd. Or buys two rose bushes. maybe. You got a deal!

    I love that! How pretty!

    Those are adorable!!! I love free stuff also! It's my favorite! Why would you say no to Free!? Your carpet is way too clean to be a hoarder ... sorry!

    And I do love it that you got brand new shoes for $5 a pair! Lord save me from having to shop with impatient people!

  4. !!!!!!! WOW!

    Ok you need to just be lounging around maybe sitting in front of your antique vanity in that gown! So Elizabeth Taylor! It is beautiful! Vintage isn't it? I love it and I am happy I introduced you to the concept of lounging around in a slip and taking a nappy! NICE! They really do make the nicest nighties! Plus the vintage ones are cut in such a lovely way!

    The $1 scarves they KILL ME. LOL ... omg I have to go lay down and dump my scarf collection on myself to recover my senses!
  5. Nice finds friend.
  6. I love love love scarves, especially when I can get one for a buck.
  7. image-1475517716.png

    Hello ladies, after seeing that someone found chanel polish at the thrift I started looking and found this one, which actually was a shade I was Looking for! It was $5!
  8. How do you keep the bugs away? We have Japanese beetles and aphids so I've had a horrible time with keeping them at bay as far as my roses so I've all but given up on them. :nogood: Your bushes are beautiful!

    My Gardenias and Jasmine still grow very well though.
  9. awesome i am too a gargage saler thrift store treasure finder;)
  10. I really want to find Chanel polish...what a great find....
  11. I have Ladybugs. I get them every year. They stick around and even have ladybug babies. The lady bug babies eat 10 times more bad bugs than the adults. So cool!
  12. We went hiking up in the mountains and found millions of ladybugs. We gathered them up (not all of them) and brought them home and let them go in the yard. It was really cool.
  13. The gown's really pretty!
    Great find!!
  14. :faint:

  15. Yes! They sleep in the mountains! They hibernate up there. Then they fly down to find food and have a nice lady big family! At my house the garden is very rose heavy. But I have never had a bad season due to bad bugs cause I overpower the bad ones with my lady bug army.
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