Secondhand Bargains....let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. Amazing finds

  2. Eeeeeek!!! Can't wait, go you :biggrin:!!
  3. For .99???? Wow!!!! Good job!!!
  4. Nilla...not sure where your quote went...but thank you!

    Thank you! I was super excited. There was a bunch of stuff that I didn't get...but a gal can't have everything (although it seems I am trying)!

    It is what keeps us all going back....eternal hope!

    Super beautiful!

    Thank you for the link....


    Beautiful bag! I got my Mom a Coach bag at a garage sale a few weeks ago that will be one of her Mother's Day gifts!

    I was really happy with my $10 Marni also!! With just have to be consistent. Stop in every now and again.

    How very exciting for you!!! I cannot wait to see!!

    WTH....I get excited if my $.99 only has the big Lunchables for the kids!!

    WHoa...major haul! Can't wait for pics!
  5. :party: YES!!! Isnt it cool... We noticed that some of our local .99 cent stores are starting to bring in clothing! Great find.
  6. Cute!
  7. oh god so amazed by what you ladies manage to find!!!
  8. I love this, can not believe we have such talented ladies on this thread:tup: the dress on the far left is my favourite :smile:
    That skirt looks like a designer piece you would buy in a store. NICE JOB!!!! I love it :smile: I would wear it.
    I will be forever jealous of your Marni skirt. Nice haul!
    Love this! Oh and the fact that you are so resourceful (the Ikea hat was a great idea:smile:)
    Go Raven! Love this Missoni bag. Perfect for the summer time.
    Hi and welcome to our fun thread! I love the quality of Michael Kors bags. Nice score :smile:
  9. I found these amazing Rock and Republic jeans for $5 at SA today. They are perfect but a bit small so they will go in my Buffalo Exchange pile. I wish they would fit :sad:


    They look like they have never been worn
    image-1983714770.jpg image-651019557.jpg
  10. I found this Ralph Lauren silk scarf. I paid $3 for it and I just love it!
  11. That's beautiful, I love it!:smile:
  12. I just had to post this. How resourceful :biggrin:
  13. Hey look look look at me. I'm wearing a skirt MADE OF BRAS! See? See how my skirt is made out of bras!?

    Later. I'll show you my gown made outta ties.

    Oh what fun we shall have!

  14. :lol::lol::lol:
  15. This makes me prefer to wear the tie dress!
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