Secondhand Bargains....let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. VIntage Leather....what a wonderful and amazing deal on that gorgeous vase!!!

    About a month ago I was at a garage sale and saw a gorgeous bronze statue of a gymnast. It was signed and numbered and was $20. I had never heard of the sculptor, but loved the statue, and it was nostalgic for me as the Olympics in the early 80's were HUGE, as I was a gymnast at the time. Anyway....I got home, and it turned out the statue was done by a very famous sculptor. I don't know if it is worth anything, but I love it! I will try to post a pic tomorrow!
  2. My biggest steal was definately my Balenciaga sunglasses for 50cents.

    I have worked in the same thrift shop for 5 years and you would not believe the stuff we get. Within the past two months we have gotten 5 d&b bags, 2 botkier trigger bags and numerous coach purses. Not to mention we've gotten lots of Chihuly glass bowls.
    We aren't exactly in a wealthy county either.
  3. Heatherette....those sunglasses are gorgeous!!!
  4. From my experience Thrift shops have better selection. Goodwill has multiple locations around the country and they tend to send their nicer stuff to the bigger cities. Plus they hire people to list alot of their nicer stuff on eBay and their own auction site. I'll admit it does take a little bit more digging at a thrift shop, but when you walk out with a $6 Oscar de la Renta dress you'll realize it's totally worth it.;)
  5. Ahh I love noritake, kutani, and imari:smile:
    Beautiful pieces!:biggrin:
  6. WOWOW SUPPPPPER LUCKY :balloon::balloon::tup::faint::shocked::amazed::woot:
  7. You have excellent taste and your finds are to die for!

  8. Congratulations! I know i'm late, but its never too late for a compliment right:flowers:

  9. Trust me - it is never too late for a compliment. Years later, I am still doing a happy dance every time I see it. It is even more special to me because I am a glass artist, so there is an element of knowing my roots!

    That being said - Stunning glasses! I love seeing everyone's finds.

    I usually find the best items in consignment shops, or church-associated charity shops. My favorites are almost always located in middle class neighborhoods on the outskirts of very wealthy areas. I've occasionally attempted to understand the whys and wherefors of this - Housekeepers who accept clothes and then don't use them? People who shop garage sales and then realize they would rather have money/space? An attempt to keep up with your neighbors/coworkers, and then a realization that it is silly? Liquidating an estate?
  10. I have no ryme or reason to which stores I will go too! I am an equal opportunity thrifter!!! let me see what else I can find.....

    I bought this sheared mink coat at a local thrift shop for $2.99. It is in perfect condition except for a tiny stain on the inside lining. I won't buy new fur....but this coat needed a home and for $2.99...who was I to say no??!!

    Hermes new condition were bought at Salvation Army for $12.99. I love them.....
    mink.jpg hermes 015.jpg
  11. thanks.

    Today I found a new thrift shop in town and got a pair of rhinestone chandelier earrings that were stamped "Made in occupied Japan" for $3 and a Paloma Picasso scarf $1.
  12. I need to go thrifting more. I just feel like I never find anything.
  13. Nothing compared to the outrageously awesome deals that others have posted, but one of my favorite pieces of clothing I own is from Housing Works in NYC. It's a vintage Chanel blazer/jacket, classic black and white tweed with silk lining. Goes with everything! Wasn't super-duper cheap at $90, but still a deal to me. :smile:
  14. ^^^^$90 is SUPER CHEAP!!! I would die to find a Chanel blazer at that price!! Congratulations!!!!
  15. Thanks! I'll try and post a picture tonight. :smile:
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