Secondhand Bargains....let's see your cheap treasures!

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  1. I am an avid thrift store/consignment/garage sale shopper! I could go on all day with pics and bargains, so I thought it would be fun to have a place to show off our secondhand finds! Please post your treasures......
  2. I went to one of my favorite thrift stores for "Black Friday" early this morning. I purchased some china earlier this week, and went back to retrieve the rest! Everything in the store was 40% there were some fabulous bargains to be found! My favorite find is this tiny Ferragamo bag/belt. It was $1.99, but 40% off was $1.20. I love it! So a pic of my purse and my china....
    ferragamo 001.jpg ferragamo 002.jpg ferragamo 003.jpg noritake.jpg
  3. Oh...and the china is from Noritake betwen 1947-1952. I am so in love with it! I bought a complete place setting for 4 (minus one dinner plate) and the platter for around $25.
    Anything can be included here...clothes, bags, art, anything that was someone else's trash, and is now your treasure!
  4. Jumping in to say "YAY" and add my support for this thread -- I buy nearly everything at thrift stores and yard sales. I'll post some pics when I get a chance.

    I love the Noritake china. Stunning!
  5. ^^^Thanks....I cannot quit looking at it! It is so beautiful! Can't wait to see your stuff!
  6. Not certain about this, but you might want to google "caring for old china" or similar -- I think (but again am NOT certain) that your "new" china may benefit from a soaking in water. IIRC, that can help it "rehydrate" or something?????? (puzzled little emoticon here, please) :smile:
  7. ^^^Will check into this! Thank you!
  8. Okay, here are some of my recent clothing finds:

    a Sarah Pacini linen top (which was new with its tags), a Jaeger Scottish cashmere turtleneck, and a Junko Shimada shirt. Didn't take a pic of my Max Mara pants.
  9. And a Jil Sander suede shirt -- I love it but am afraid to wear it! Have owned it for years, and have never worn it. And 2 adorable vintage beaded evening bags.
    suede.jpg beaded.jpg
  10. i don't personally shop at thrift stores, but i love seeing people's cheap finds. congrats on your items, ladies. great idea, OP!
  11. Awesome idea for a thread! I love hearing about someone getting a major score at a thrift store or street sale. I have a friend who found an original unused Fendi from the 1960's for 25 cents.
  12. CowPrincess...I love the first white is gorgeous! And you need to wear the Jil Sander shirt. Just scotchgaurd it first!!

    OK...let me see what else I have saved on my computer.....

    There are so many things that were bought used for cheap, but I did get these Hermes scarves at a garage sale for $1 each. I had them authenticated here, so they are the real deal!!!
    hermes 001.jpg hermes 008.jpg
  13. Okay, those Hermes scarves are BEYOND "wow"! Congrats on the best ever finds!
  14. I love the Ferragamo.........good job :heart:
  15. Anne, you make me jealous sometimes! I'm always jealous of your finds!

    I snagged this cropped Vince leather jacket at Thrift Town for $13. I used the gift card I won by wearing sending them a pic of my secondhand prom dress!

    My $4 Gucci scarf paired with my $6.99 YSL jacket. The scarf still had the Saks tag still attached (with the price part taken off)! I got the scarf from Thrift Town and the YSL from Goodwill. The coat has a stand collar and a great military look.

    Vintage Versace sunglasses for $20 and possibly the most amazing coat I've ever bought, a $30 Bullock's of Pasadena swing coat. I have never bought a coat with buttons sewn on so well. They're all still intact, too!

    My best deal would perhaps be my vintage Gianni Versace Couture dress. The summer before my senior year started, I really got into shopping at thrift and consignment stores. I'd lost my job and was mostly worried about finding a graduation dress. My parents said time and time again that I didn't need to be hunting for a secondhand dress and that they'd pay for it, but I wanted to have a little bit of a challenge. It all happened one day when I was supposed to be goign to the grocery store. Thrift town is JUST down the street, so I figured I'd pop in to see what they had. On the better clothing rack, these two little false pockets caught my eye. I followed the line of the dress up, up to the tag.
    I think my mouth dropped open at this point. I could not believe that somehow, this beautiful dress got sent my way. I checked the lining, the seams, everything. It was meant to be, except the tag read $40 and I had around $30. I took it into the dressing room and tried it on. I knew it had to be mine, but I didn't have the money. And then I remembered that I hadn't checked the color tag of the day. Sure enough, the price tag on the dress matched the 1/2 sale tag color of the day! I happily paid for it and went home. I had an empty stomach, but hey, it's not every day you find something like that! When my mom got home from work that day, I told her I bought a graduation dress. Now, she loves Thrift Town, but most of the dresses there tend to be a little... dated. Her jaw dropped as wide as mine when she saw it! It was a long, torturous wait to wear that gorgeous dress. I purchased it August 1 2008 and wore it to my high school graduation about TEN months later!

    My WOC covers up the false pockets, but you can see the button in my avatar!
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