Secondary purchases or why a bag suddenly costs twice as much...

  1. Hi Guys,
    have you experienced this phenomenon:
    You have the perfect outfit, let's say a pant suit and you're looking for a purse to find one, buy it.
    And then there are these shoes on sale that will enhance your new bag if you wear them together... buy them as well.
    But the shoes really would look even better with a more wide legged the pant... now, of course, you need another shirt or blouse for the pant...
    Does this sound familiar?
    Regina :shame:
  2. LOL! :::rasing hand:::
  3. LOL! I understand this phenomenon as well!
  4. Yes, it does! I notice the same thing happens with accessories to go in the bag. You buy the bag, and then you think, "Gee, my wallet is looking a bit shabby; perhaps I should buy a new to match my new bag!" You get the wallet, and then you think, "I could really use a new cosmetic bag too!" Next think you know, you're buying a new purse organizer, purse hooks, and a whole slew of other purse accessories!
  5. Of course! Once you are on a shopping mission, you just can't stop!!!!
  6. Hi Guys,
    have you experienced this phenomenon:

    Oh gosh, count me among the guilty! Last fall I bought a Cole Haan bag in clay. It's a vibrant red/orange/brown, and one of the reasons I love the color is because it really is a perfect match for that incredible rich clay soil of my family's Alabama farm. I mean I see that bright red soil from an airplane and it's like my childhood comes back. I guess you have to be a Southerner to understand how the color of dirt can make one misty-eyed. ;)

    Anyhow, I had absolutely nothing in my closet that didn't clash with this clay purse. Thanks to the good-hearted encouragement of TPfers, enablers all the way, I bought a black and white tweed winter coat to go with the purse. It looked pretty nice, but just one week later I found a *perfect* retro-looking black wool jacket that looked downright fabulous with the purse. So I bought that coat too. I considered taking the black-and-white tweed back to the store, but honestly I liked that coat too. So now I have two coats that go with the purse.

    Anyhow, I needed a new scarf to go with the coats and purse and that set me on another search-and-buy mission.

    By the time I was done...well, let's say it's real embarrassing how much that purse ended up costing me in the end and now I'm on a shopping ban big-time. :woohoo:

  7. *raises hand*

    I'm so in this group! When I buy a new purse, I start thinking that I need a new matching wallet. When I purchase a new skirt, I wonder what type of top will go with that, plus I also need shoes. But once I purchase a new pair of matching shoes, I realize that those shoes would look awesome with skinny jeans. So I'm right now on the hunt for the perfect pair of skinny jeans! :nuts:

    It's like welcoming a new puppy home. You gotta buy the bed, food, toys, treats, brushes, training pads, crate....
  9. SGC here, FTW.

    I bought anew bag and it was so shiny, new, and fancy looking...I needed to buy new panties.

    Something about wearing old cotton VS briefs was just deflating that "new bag" balloon in my mind and I ended up with twice the price of the bag in new panties and bras, plus some new makeup, jeans, and a pair of shoes. Insert heavy sigh here.
  10. haha, yes! I like to browse to see if I can get anything good on sale, and then you justify it by saying that you'll save on shipping and may as well make it worth it... lol!
  11. Got a red bag had to go and get red shoes...not that I like matchy things but...just something we girls do.