1. Hi ladies! was less crowded there, I sauntered in and was immediately greeted by name (pretty scary, i know :supacool: lol) by the Chanel reps from NY and the Saks SAs -- i got another good look at that beautiful royal blue bag....i have a clearer description: its very soft smushy leather and very light although it qualifies as a large bag (a shoulder bag also)..........its classy looking but not trendy......but its a little edgy...not classic in the same way the Classic Flap is, which is so ladylike. The royal blue is a combination of quilting AND perforations: the front of it has across it, starting at about the center of the bag, a pocket with a narrow rectangular flap closing it, I do believe it closes with the double cc's. the flap extends almost the whole width of the bag. Underneath the flap pocket, there is a zippered compartment. The top part of the front of the bag, underneath where the flap pocket starts, is perforated. Underneath the perforation to the bottom of the bag, is quilting. OMG its gorgeous.

    Penny, as for the prognosis of the vinyl on the Naked, the Canel rep said just wipe it down the same way as the vinyl CAbas. It may get scratches but imho, they won't show hardly at all on clear vinyl. The bag is even nicer today to me, than yesterday. Also, its edged in gold metallic piping (bright gold but very narrow because its "piped" around the perimeter of bag), and the piping combined with the classic gold chain with the gold piping also through it, and the gold CC, makes a delicious mix of trendy and classic............i am in love with this bag....
    There were alot more bags with perforations than i originally thought, one was yellow, like a smaller classic flap, edged in white with some black. geometric looking. or even Art Deco.
    The red is definitely tomato red, not fire engine red. AND THERE WILL BE A DENIM COCO CABAS...they didnt have a sample of it....but even now, the list is loooooooooooooong, without any customers even seeing it. I do not know its cost or size.....or what color the big CC charm will be, but i asked about the color of the denim,,,,it won't be the dark denim of the spring '06 denim line, but rather, a medium denim. Futhermore, I begged for them to sell me off the floor, the Naked Bag, but they said that the samples belong to Saks and travel from trunk show to trunk show. I was so depressed at that, that I promptly went to Neimans (Saks did not have this:smile: and bought the Jumbo flap in winter white!! :yahoo:


    Is there a CA program? (Chanel Anonymous) If so, i volunteer to be keynote speaker...........................:love:
    a pleasure telling you guys this................

    thank you also for all the sweet words, i just take notes and memorize stuff LOL

  2. oh myy...i need a summer bag.

    thanks 4 the info.
  3. **I DONT SEE THIS***


    ARGH..I need a new Chanel!! ROFL!
  4. Claudia
    You are great!!!! If no one else is carrying that Naked Bag you and I can be a minority!!! I'm in with you let's get it!!!

    Thanks for the info~~~~
  5. did you say diaper bag?:nuts: I must go to trunk show!
  6. Thanks for all the great info. I am intrigued by the naked bag and may have to have it:nuts: *runs to call SA*
  7. LOL!!!!

    yep, diaper bag! tres cute, all sorts of colors in its print

    Penny, Naked Bag, for sure,,,both of us............i was told by Chanel rep that the earliest it will arrive is mid-february...not too long away :yahoo: it really is charming.....and a different twist for Chanel (but then, so was the vinyl Cabas, and the metallic Baby Whale)

    Jill .....which bag intrigues you the most? sorry have no pics

    and you know what? i am wondering why none of us have bid on the VALENTINE CHANEL listed on ebay...its soooo cute. I think the auction is over by early am eastern time tomorrow .the seller is in Singapore, but he looks very legit, is a power seller...........there must be some reason why this bag wasnt grabbed....its like $650 and BIN for in the mid 7s? I havent 'cause i can't afford it one of the ladies on PF should get it...............;)
  8. Bravo Purse!!!!
    Now this is what I'm talking about!! Love the pf and all the of the moment info!:yahoo:
  9. Welcome to the "Naked Bag Club" South!!
  10. ::huge grin::

    sooo happy to bring info to you guys!!

    thanx Rocker :heart:
  11. "Penny, Naked Bag, for sure,,,both of us"

    Yep Claudia getting on the waitlist- calling one of my S/As first thing in the morning---
  12. thats great, Penny! you won't be disappointed :yes:
  13. I am seriously going to call her in the AM and get on the list. I feel like I talk to her every day. She must think I am a psycho Chanel SA stalker:nuts:
  14. hi South! good for you............ :yahoo: could you ask her if the Naked list is long? i'm just curious what the reaction to this bag is in diff parts of country

    where do you live?
  15. So when do the new spring Chanel bags hit the stores? I am SO dying to see the green tote :greengrin: you described in your other trunk-show thread...