Second Verse, Same As the First ... (Only Better) [Reveal]

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    [​IMG]... anybody here? Up for a tiny new-to-me-but-old-to-everybody-else reveal? (What, another one you say, TWO IN TWO DAYS? Are ya crazy? Why yes, yes, I am, crazy for BV...)

    Short story: I had this bag, cleaned the closet out and sold it, found out it was my DH's favorite bag (and also heard from a male friend that it was his, too) and have been on the lookout for this bag ever since to get it back (or one similar) ... I found it the other day, found out the seller was a member of tPF, and the rest is history...) I rarely (well, actually, NEVER, can say that 'my husband wanted me to buy this bag'. So it's a double-treat - husband-approved and one I really wanted back in my collection.

    The very best part? it's in new condition - better than the one I sold - I am truly handbag-blessed.
  2. OK, bring it on....
  3. Sorry, BVette Sistah, Zoey's BFF showed up and we had a good play ...

    So, here's a hint ...
  4. Oh your Amatura!!!???? You mentioned you regret selling it
  5. Ding, ding, ding. You found another armatura! What size?
  6. And, presenting the rest of the photos for my medium 2007 F/W Armatura Veneta ... She'll never leave again; I'm lucky I had a chance to rectify my previous bad decision ...
    Dsc_0075.jpg Dsc_0073.jpg Dsc_0076.jpg
  7. Congrats especially you get both, DH's blessing and the bag into your collection. I haven't seen BV metalic IRL yet, but I am sure it's gorgeous.
  8. Thank you. Bottega Veneta does metallics so well - it's amazing. This bag in particular, it's like it was never carried!!! No wear at all, other than ever-so-slight on the corners; I mark that down to shelf wear or something.

    Armatura is my favorite metallic; I think each of the die-hard BV fans has their own favorite - Mousse, your a Rame (Ossidata?) fan, right?
  9. it almost looks like Rame Copper
    because of the grograin imprint on the leather
    BV does do metallics best
    enjoy and hang onto it this time
    wear both your new bags in good health
  10. You are on a roll, dearest! Holy moly starting with that Cervo in Duchesse, you've scored some real knock outs!
  11. Yes m'aam, I will, and thank you.

    I've rolled over now, and am done for the nonce. All out of money! :biggrin:
  12. Congrats India on your BV additions this week. I adore all BV metallics and to your point, BV does metallics so well. I have the Ossidato Rame hobo and SLGs, the Ottone cabat and SLGs, a Ferro karung wallet lined in gold, a Platino Ossidato case, and a vintage gold creel. My Ossidato Rame and Ottone collections have been out with me a lot this summer. They are tied for favorite.
  13. Yay... I'm so glad you like it and are happy with the purchase! :smile:
  14. What's that old saying: If you love something, let it go. If it was meant to be it will come back to you? I guess this beauty was meant to be yours - congrats!
  15. Thank you! :hugs:

    Oh yes, I'd forgotten that saying! Very true in this case! Thanks!