Second velo

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  1. I just got my second velo yesterday. Got my first one last month. Is it normal to buy two of the same style bag???? Hahaha!
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  2. Very! :lol::lol::lol:. There's all of that different hardware, all of those beautiful colours, all of those different years of leather...
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  3. Congrats on your second one! Totally normal
  4. Nice! Velo is next on my wish list :smile: congrats on ur bags!
  5. Nice! Nothing wrong having the same model bag in different colors or hardware.
  6. Sooooooooooo incredibly "normal!!!"...Congrats on your 2nd Velo...would love to see a pic of them:flowers: Now they have each other to bond & hang out with when you aren't carrying 1 of them!:biggrin:
  7. Not at All! Velo is awesome!
  8. It's not very typical NOT to have the doubles... lol :biggrin:
    I have 2 Days (3 Cervos, 3 Venetas in BV), welcome to the club!
  9. Haha! Thanks ladies!!
  10. These are my 2 babies- both in RH because I don't really like the big studs. :smile:

    Poker Fonce and Coquelicot Velos


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  11. Like, TOTALLY!!!! :biggrin: . Why have one when you can have more?! That's what Bals are for - eminently collectable, super cool, edgy as well as classic styles - I'm in love:heart::heart::heart:!!!!
    Enjoy your 2 Velo's - I personally reckon the Velo's are massively under-rated!!
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  12. Beautiful! Congratulations!
  13. it's totally normal.congratulations on your bag.