Second Trip to LV....I Need A Pep Talk!!!

  1. Ok, so back in April I visited my first LV boutique. I live in Dayton, Ohio where there is NOTHING. I was in Columbus at a sorority reunion and one of my younger Sorors from Columbus offered to take me to Polaris Mall during some downtime because she knows it's suited towards my shopping tastes and how much I love LV. To make a long story short, I was completely ignored although there were three SA's and only one other couple besides the group I was with. One of the girls I was with can act kind of ignorant so I didn't let on how upset I was knowing she would cause a scene.

    I always try to give people the benenfit of the doubt so later on I tried to analyze the situation and find a logical reason why no one tried to help me. The only conclusion I could come to is that I was with a group of young, loud "giggly" girls who were just in there to see an LV boutique (that's not a judgement...the girls I was with have no interest in LV. They just know I like it and its expensive). I was dressed down in a Tokidoki tshirt, jeans and flats, along with a Tokidoki purse....and even on my best day I don't look anywhere near 27. So maybe the SA's thought I was just a young girl who came to look at the LV store and didn't plan on buying anything? That still doesn't make it right but that's all I could come up with.

    So tomorrow and friend and I are taking a girls' day shopping trip back to Polaris. Although I've been carrying my L.A.M.B. Rasta Mandeville all week (haven't been able to put it down since I got it!), I switched to my green Epi Speedy 25. I figure when I go tomorrow, that'll let the employees know I am an actual customer and serious about purchasing LV. But then there's a part of me that's so angry like what do I have to prove? Why do I feel like I have to carry an LV just to get service? I should be able to go in there dressed any way I want and carrying any bag I want and should get appropriate attention just the same. Now I'm starting to think maybe I shouldn't even stop in when I go to Saks and just keep shopping eLux. I'm kind of anal and compulsive about I thinking too hard on this? Do you think I should carry my speedy tomorrow since the only reason is because I plan on visiting LV? Sorry for the ramble guys!
  2. Hmmmm it's luck really. One day you won't try hard and you will be ignored, the next, the same but you will be helped! If you want to carry your Speedy then go ahead. Don't do it if you feel forced to. Persoanlly, I think it would be fun to carry LV into a LV boutique. Don't let that one day make you feel like you shouldn't visit that LV again!

    Different day, different employees!
  3. I'd be annoyed too. I wouldn't blame the SAs if there had been a lot of people in the store, but all three can't have been busy looking after the couple and one of them should have approached your group. It was rude not to. But, having said that, yes I would go back dressed up and carrying my LV bag ... just to reassure myself it was nothing personal and that we live in a superficial society where, whether we like it or not, people make snap judgements about us based entirely on our appearance ... and therefore any time/effort/money spent on our appearance tends to pay its own dividends.
  4. I know I would be upset had I had the same expierence as you, but I would give the boutique another chance. I agree with you that you shouldn't have to prove yourself "worthy" to shop there, and if you have the same experience again I think you should make a stink about it. I dont think it matters which bag you carry as long as you hold your head high and are confident with with yourself!
  5. Interesting post.....unfortunately, it's the reality of the situation. My SA once told me that they can tell at first glance the "serious" LV buyers (target customers) and just "curious browsers". You were probably given the "once-over" when you and your group of friends arrived in the store, and from what you say about your friends' behavior , i.e. "giggly girls", perhaps to the SAs in the store, you were automatically lumped into the "curious browsers" category. Many high-end stores tend to do this, and many times on this forum I have read of stories similar to yours. To you, it's not fair, you really don't want to have to "prove" your worth as a customer, but to a SA, you could be perceived as a non-serious buyer. It's a harsh truth, but first impressions go a LONG way, and people will judge you by your appearance and behavior.
    Next time, go ALONE, leave your giggly girlfriends behind, carry your LV and I think your experience will be much different. Good luck!
  6. I think that it sucks that you feel so self conscious about going into the LV boutique, but I confess I feel the same way at times. I think carrying an LV purse might help, actually. However, I have to say my most recent trip to an LV boutique in San Francisco was the most pleasant and least intimidating so far. I would try not to overthink it, because it will go just fine. Best wishes to you! Have FUN shopping & don't sweat it.
  7. I know what you mean. I think you should wear ANY bag you want. Personally, I dont think you should have to carry an LV bag to get service from the SA. Your a customer and should get GREAT customer service regardless of what you have or what you wear. That is their job...sometimes i think that they forget that they work there and DONT own the store.
  8. it is a sad fact that SAs sometimes give the snap judgment on you before you even say a word. i've carried LV bags into one store and was ignored on more than one occasion. it really is luck sometimes to find that right SA.

    i know it really sucks and you shouldn't have to prove anything, but i hope you find a good SA to deal with because they make the shopping experience so much more fun and memorable.
  9. :true: Wholly agree, you've hit the nail on the head here. I understand exactly your feelings, Knasarae, and you shouldn't have to feel like you need to prove your interest in the brand, but to be honest I'd not have expected serious SA attention when visiting in a group like you did for all the reasons TravelBliss stated above.

    I visited for my first time a few weeks back and was treated really well. I went with a friend who's not into LV but was pretty hyped to visit mostly because I was so excited, and although we went in pretty giggly and excited, bouncing from display to display immediately, I was treated really well. I did carry my Speedy 35 with Groom Cles attached - half out of the idea that to carry the bag into the store would be fun, but also to indicate I'm a serious fan - and the SA who dealt with me was genuinely pleased to see my Groom Cles and took it off to play with herself before rushing off to grab the Groom Bandeau to show me!

    Take your Epi, I found it fun just to talk to somebody else about my stuff (I live in the outback, so having anyone to talk to who has a clue is heaven!) and also gave the SA an insight into what I'm into. I think going with your friend will be great, and make sure to have an idea of exactly what you're after when you go as I found the eyes lit up of the SA's I dealt with when I asked knowledgeable questions regarding LV items.

    Have a great time! My second visit is coming up soon, in two weeks. Depending upon how much money I have I'll be buying either a Damier 6-Key Holder or T&B Mini Pochette. The first time I visited I didn't have much money at all, and although I told them that they were still lovely. I left with the Dragonne Vachetta wriststrap and a new padlock, and they were sweet enough to not only pour me and my friend champagne but to also rustle me up a catalogue as a special gift for my first visit! :love:

    I'm going to be ringing my SA tomorrow actually, as it's my friend's birthday just gone and I want to organise her a present. This is the friend who came with me for my first visit - she now loves LV too (my fault!), so I'm going to buy her a luggage tag and get her short name heatstamped on the back. Then when we visit I'm going to go to my SA and ask for *friend's name* item, and she'll bring it out for her. It's just something little but she can use it as a keyring or something, and I know she'd love it! :nuts:
  10. Thanks everyone! Unfortunately I must agree with you all, that is just the world we live in and snap judgements are incorrectly made every day. I decided to go ahead and carry my Epi Speedy. After all, it's not like I will look worse with it than my L.A.M.B. bag....and green is my favorite color. Maybe it will bring me luck! To bad the boutique is small and only carries bags. I had been thinking about belts earlier, oh well. If I buy anything I'll be sure to post!
  11. As a fellow young person, I have had similar experiences. I usually get ignored, and it doesn't matter how well-dressed I am or what kind of purse I'm carrying. It's awful, because - especially where I live (LA) - there are *tons* of young people with the $$$ to spend on LV. I didn't get treated well at LV until:

    (a) I went with my mother. She's in her forties. I think I get treated well when I'm with her because (1) she's older and well-dressed, and thus more obviously able to pay than I am (because for all the SAs know, I could just be borrowing my mom's stuff when I'm alone); (2) she's bringing her daughter, who is well-dressed, thereby bringing in two potential customers to the SAs.

    (b) I went with my father or a boyfriend. This is because an obviously straight man doesn't go into a shop (other than Home Depot) to just browse around- he goes in there to buy something specific, or at the behest of his wife/girlfriend/JAP daughter (= me :smile:) to buy something once she (quickly) picks it out.

    (c) I went with the tPF gals this Saturday. All I have to say is beljwl, mrsjimmyh, and the other LA tPF gals rock! :smile:

    If you can do any of the above three, I think you'll have a much better chance. I do think dressing up and carrying an LV helps, as well as making it clear you DO have the money to shop at LV. When an SA finds out what I do for a living, they're always much happier to talk to me... So, chin up, good luck, and be sure to post about your next trip. :smile:
  12. Well guys, I'm sorry to say my visit today wasn't much better. There were several things I wanted to see....and possibly buy. I wanted to pick up something in Damier, maybe another inclusion bracelet and the jeans belt in brown. I left the store empty-handed in disgust. I guess the fact that I was well-dressed and carrying an Epi Speedy didn't matter.

    When I walked in, one of the SA's mumbled a hello...the other didn't say anything. I was with a friend. I was pointing out the new bags to her (Trevi, Mirage Speedy, (GORGEOUS BTW!!!!), Cabby, etc.) I walked around a little more (I'm the only customer in the store) and still nothing. So I go up to the SA and ask her if they have the jeans belt in brown. She says "All of our belts are over there" and then proceeds to walk in the other direction. They only had black so I stood there for a few minutes trying to decide if I could settle for the black.

    By then my other friend walked in the store. She came over to me quietly and whispered "Did you say something mean to that SA?" I said "No why?" She said "Because she is staring at you like you stole her man! If looks could kill you'd be dead!!" Soooo, my friend being the type that she is starting walking around the store pointing out all the bags I already own. "Don't you already have this one?" "Don't you have this one too?" Then she said, "Well, what's left in here for you to buy??" I love her!!! :p
    So I listed off the stuff I wanted and then said, "But I guess I'll just stick to eLux". Then we left. Then I went to look at some other bags and the ladies around the Prada, Gucci, L.A.M.B., etc were so nice!!! One of them complemented my bag and told me that she used to work for LV....I told her I wished she still did, maybe then I would've bought something today.

    I won't be going back. I really don't understand why people have to act like that? I work A LOT and it's nice to be able to go to an actual store every now and then and see things in person instead of having to wait for them to arrive in the mail. I do not deserve to be treated like that, so I will not waste any more time or energy in that store.

    I know I'm probably going to rub some of you the wrong way with this...but I spend a lot of my hard-earned money on LV. I've read so many posts about other stores treating people the same way, and I know a lot of them report it. Just makes me wonder, do the SA's ever really get reprimanded or is this an unspoken rule they learn in their training? If they feel like I'm not a customer they'd like to have maybe I should re-evaluate why I'm purchasing their products and if they're a company I'd like to continue to give my money. I don't know...
  13. Sorry you struck out again....Perhaps it is one of the boutiques that has been posted here as being less than customer service oriented.....may I ask which boutique you visited ???
  14. I'm sorry you had two less than enjoyable experience at Polaris LV. Don't take it too personally, hon. As others have pointed out, it's usually based on the SA's & their (sometimes flawed) judgements on who is there to buy & who is there only to look. And you're right, you have nothing to prove. You should be able to walk into any boutique and be greeted by SA's no matter what you look like - that's their job! They're the ones who have to treat you well and convince you to spend your money, not the other way around.

    Many SA's lose sales due to incorrectly assessing customers intentions...I can't tell you how many times I've been walked into high-end stores (LV or otherwise) prepared to spend chunks, only to walk out because I felt ignored or not taken seriously. I never take it personally & neither should anyone else...'cause for every SA who's not on the ball, there's usually another one who totally gets the idea of good customer service and can provide a nice buying experience. Hope you can find better LV SA's near where you live!
  15. I'm sorry to hear about the original poster's experience. I was at the Polaris LV last weekend and had two very different experiences there. We were on a long car trip and had stopped at that mall on Friday evening. I was dressed pretty casually and just there to look, but the SA was very friendly and helpful. I will say, though, that Saks was basically deserted. We also stopped there on Sunday afternoon, and they pretty much ignored me besides a simple greeting. It was a different SA, but the place was much busier. So I had two opposite experiences at the same store.

    These stories of snooty SAs really bug me - I feel like if I am potentially going to spend a lot of money in a store for a luxury product, they absolutely ought to be nice, especially when it's so easy to buy the same things on eLuxury or other similar sites. Do the SAs at LV work on commission?