Second time is a charm...Reveal!

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  1. I thought I'd grab a few things before the increase. 2 of them I've had before, sold and missed them. The last I really wanted but the ones in my store were damaged. I went in to have the rings replaced on my Galliera's and there was a new pair out and they were perfect. So here we go...


    DSC_0001 (2).JPG
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    First box, NF MM in DA. I was a little disappointed that my box cracked but oh well, the bag was fine.




  3. Second box, NF MM in DE.



  4. Nice! Congrats! :smile:
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    Awesome! This price increase is bringing in some early sales for LV!!
  6. Third box, Obsession GM sunglasses.
    DSC_0002 (2).JPG

    DSC_0006 (2).JPG

    DSC_0008 (2).JPG

    DSC_0012 (2).JPG
  7. And Mods:







  8. Ohhhhhhh... those are gorgeous!! NF was never on top of my list, but with the old models going away and the lurking price increase I'm so tempted to get one! Yours are amazing, double trouble!! :biggrin:

    Shame about the box though, what the heck? I "hope" the outer box is damaged too at the same spot indicating that it happened during postage, otherwise it would mean that they overlooked the already ripped box at LV... not cool! :tdown:
  9. Beautiful, the 2 neverfulls are stunning. Congrats

    Can you tell me how you tied the Azur neverfull in the fourth fifth pic?
  10. Congrats they look great on you! I'm so tempted to add a Azur neverfull to my collection. Enjoy!
  11. Thanks guys! :smile:
    Exactly why I ordered these two! You should get one, it's a really great bag. The shipping box was perfectly fine but there was a bit of wiggle room between it and the gift box. I think it may have happened during shipping. It's not a big deal, I'm just glad the bag was okay.
  12. Just tighten the drawstrings, kick the bottom corners out then push the middle on each side down low. Gives it the tighter look at the top.
  13. Thank you! The Azur is so beautiful, I'm very happy to have it again but new this time. You should get one, it's a really great bag for everyday. ;)
  14. Thanks
  15. And here's my NF collection.