second time around

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  1. I had hoped to slip this in under the radar....put it on the good and bad points of the Alexa thread....but people are being kind and commenting on it and i dont want to hijack the thread, so thought i would post up a separate thread to avoid doing that.

    After much heartache and deliberation i decided to have another go with an OS Alexa....after reading on here and seeing bags in the shops, i decided to try the ink....

    i had not really got very high hopes, and fully expected her to arrive and look purple with all the leather problems i had last time with the OS oak one....( I am not a pink or purple person and tho they look fab on others they do nothing for me)

    but she arrived today and is pristine.

    The leather is thick and averagely grained. The lining matches the bag nicely as the colour is a navy rather than the colour of the gorgeous Antony i saw a few weeks ago..;) i would describe this as french navy in the daylight tho it can look darker in artificial light and on photos.

    The ink leather seems to give the bag slightly more structure than some of the others.....

    Anyway without any more ado i will post some pics i took this afternoon.
  2. [​IMG]

  3. [​IMG]

  4. O Poppy - STUNNING!
  5. Oh well done Poppy, Blue OS! First one here I think and I KNOW this ink blue is lovely somehow - wonder why lol!

    Congrats! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  6. Oh it is different to the ant but very yummy as well... i really like it... oh bother...
  7. What a fantastic bag!! I love the way it looks, not slouchy and the colour is TDF!
  8. Now Poppy what about The Other one???? :graucho:
  9. Oh ratrat you are a one!! it has not arrived yet and needs to go on the non Mulberry thread IF it is a keeper!!

    Actually thank you for your info on the ink - it was your promise that it was navy that spurred me on...much as i adore the colour of the Antony, and it suits Piglet like nothing on earth, i needed something duller and darker....

    am really pleased - thanks all of you for your kind comments.
  10. Lovely, poppy! :amuse:

    And it holds up nicely with all your Mulberry leathers inside too ;)
  11. thats no mean feat is it Thea! Thanks
  12. Really lovely congratulations :biggrin:
  13. Congrats poppy, so glad you are much happier second time around.

    Now...modelling pics please!!! :biggrin:
  14. oh i do love it
  15. Fuzzy, i feel bad for not buying the Hayden.....its the colour that stops me - really cannot get another oak/ginger or black bag and the pink is not if they did it in Chocolate.......

    got my scruffs on now so maybe tomorrow for modelling - tho we are going ice skating so i wont be very chic then either!