Second tiered Nordstrom shoppers-didn't we used to get free alterations & double pts

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  1. some how I thought I got double points every time I shopped. Now I guess I only get them during the double points sales events?

    and I never remember having to pay for my DH's alterations.

    Am I confused or have we lost a lot of our benefits?
  2. I thought it was still free alterations? The last time I needed alterations was during the summer and it was for free. I always thought that the double points was only during the double points sales events.
  3. Was it a sale item? They charge for alterations for sale items, but not regular priced items.
  4. Yeah, I thought that we received double points for shopping at Nordstrom and free alterations.
  5. Why don't you call Nordstroms to clarify the various levels? I don't remember double points unless it was for a specific sales event.
  6. There have been a bunch of articles roaming around the internet today that mention company's cutting their perks. It could be they are charging for alterations during this period of economic decline. I would call them as others have mentioned to get a straight answer.
  7. Certain items are free, others aren't. Double points are only during certain "events" now. They changed this awhile ago, and sent a packet to cardholders explaining the new terms.
  8. how do you get to level 3? $10,000 annually? or $10,000 at NORDSTROM?
  9. I don't have a Nordies card, but the lady said they do free alterations.