Second Thoughts

  1. hello everyone! iam wondering if anyone has had any dealings with they have some good prices and claim that all their designer bags are AUTHENTIC! anyone with info please contact me at thanks and have a great day!
  2. Fake, fake, fake.
  3. Hi! You can learn about authentic sites and bags here, plus have fun. I hope you stick around and enjoy yourself!
  4. yep,'ll learn a lot here...
    welcome :smile:
  5. Fake defo

    Welcome on board
  6. Welcome :smile:
  7. you will find many authentic ebayers and a few wonderful authentic sites here if you stick around!

  8. welcome to the board! (your authentication questions can be answered in the appropriate/corresponding forum for each designer brand)
  9. Fake.
  10. definitely fake. if there's a particular bag you like, post it on here and ask where to find it, and members here will point you to the right direction where the bags will def be authentic. welcome!