Second thoughts

  1. Hey y'all. Ever since I got the Prada double clip messenger, I've been having second thoughts about it.. I'm wondering if it's a tad too bulky and stuff.
    HELP!! should I return it or should I keep it? I really do love it, but am just wondering if it looks a tad too bulky!:confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  2. Pictures please.
  3. Need pics!
  4. I meant a pic on you. Wear it around the house to see how you feel. If you are still feeling uncomfortable, definitely return it. You won't use it if you don't like it.

    What about this one ... it's flat, non-bulky.

    Coupe Slim Brief - TUMI
  5. HEHE. Haven't taken it yet, but I do feel that it's terribly bulky.. Any great nylon totes to recommend?
  6. What about the dragon tote? Or how about the carryall you were thinking about before you bought the double clip messenger?
  7. The dragon tote is TINY! Haha. I like large totes actually, and that carryall is sold out...AND it's horribly stiff and rigid.
  8. My coworker carries the bag prada prince references and loves it!
  9. I saw that tote too! But isn't it the S/S 07 collection? I kinda like it.. But is it true that most of the totes are at the women's side of the store?
  10. You could always check around the entire store, but this bag was listed under the men's section of Saks Fifth Avenue...
  11. that navy bag is HOT. ;)
  12. Ok, will go tomorrow to check it out. Love that tote!!
  13. Yeah, it's gorgeous...