Second thoughts...opinions please!

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  1. Hey guys! As you all know, I recently purchased the beige Vitello Daino Hobo from NM ($1050) and I do love it, but am having second thoughts. Really the only reason is that while I love the hobo look & shape, it doesn't hold it's shape at all when I put my things inside and then it really doesn't look like a hobo. I might try a purse organizer to help hold the shape.

    I was at NM again yesterday and found the other Vitello Daino Hobo ($1495) in Argilla. It was that beautiful gray color and lovely! The gold accents really look fabulous against the gray and this bag seems to hold it's shape much better. Online NM calls it stone & Saks calls it light gray. Is that the same as Argilla?

    The kicker-- it's $445 more expensive! Does anyone have this bag? Any photos? Thoughts? Is it worth it? Debating an exchange. Or trying to find this hobo somewhere online for less than $1495 if possible!

    Thoughts please??
  2. I like the one you already have much better - it is much cleaner and simple in style. That other one looks like it's trying way too hard - like it has stuff thrown on the bag to make it look a little different.
  3. I also like the one you own much better than the 2nd one. I dont have this bag, but from what i can see in those pics, the first one looks simpler like mycococabas mentioned

    good luck!
  4. Are these the right pictures?

    The bag you have


    The other bag


    I like them both. Did you like the second one when you tried it at the store? I think I might like it a bit better, but $445 is a big price difference.
  5. Yes mam!

    I do love the first one as well (esp in the pics & when it's stuffed), but it quickly loses it's super cute hobo shape :sad:

    So, I like how the second one carries & holds its shape much better!

    But, yes, $445 is a big difference :sad: I think I could buy it from and avoid sales tax, but still a $350 difference.

    I so wish someone had pics of bag #2 IRL! I should have taken some!
  6. And the color of the 2nd bag would be that lovely gray color PP has in the hobo.
  7. I like the first one.. Especially with the price diff.
  8. I like the second one...It would bug me if I put my stuff in it and it lost it's shape...I also like it better b/c it has more detail..more just looks more stylish..IMO...but I never really liked the first one IS a beautiful bag...but I just need a little more OOMPFH lol....but yeah..I hear ya on the price dif.....however..I have learned like many of us have's better to spend a little bit more sometimes and LOVE and USE what you have than to have a bag become a dust collector..or worse yet..sell it later and lose you a** on the resale....keep us posted....we all know wht you're going through...we ALL get anal over things like this...sleep on it...and try not to over stress--the answer will come to you...G/L!!!!!
  9. I agree with Emmy on this one too...I don't like the first one as well either...I owned that one and sold it before ever using it. I really like the looks of the second one. I myself would pay the difference to have a bag that I really love and will use.
  10. my vote is for the second one
  11. I like the first one more. The first one has a flat strap and the second one has a rolled strap. When you start putting things in your bag, that rolled strap can dig into your arm. Also, I have seen the second one IRL too and the top of the bag looks unfinished to me. I guess you have to go with your gut and if you want to pay more money or not.

    Let us know what you do! and....from my experience, hobos really don't hold a shape that's more with totes and satchels....
  12. Thanks everyone for your input, I really appreciate it! And knowing that we're all crazy about our bags. I'll sleep on it tonight and maybe even for a few nights.
  13. ^ OK now out of ALL of them I like that one the best....but I am a HUGE fan of double strap bags --messenger style...they are very functional for me and I LOVE the look..this would be my choice..even the would go with everything..NOW what are you going to do lol!??!?!
  14. My first choice would be #3
    2nd choice #2

    Beautiful Prada bags!