second thoughts on the Galliera GM.... :(

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  1. Okay so I wore her around the house tonight with all my stuff in her, and she kept slipping off my shoulder!! Err the Artsy GM didn't do this .... I am confused if I should keep the Galliera. I am feeling a returners remorse here for the Artsy..
    But I feel embarrassed to go back to LV to return or exchange what should I DO? lol

    does anyone else here have the Galliera GM problem with it sliding off your shoulder?

    The Artsy DID NOT do this... OMG I feel crazy
  2. If you're not happy with the Galliera return it. Don't feel embarrass.
  3. never had a problem w/my galliera slipping off my shoulder. give it another chance
  4. I have not had this problem at all, even though I normally do, so this is one of my few shoulder bags. If it is not working, you should return it. Sorry its not working for you.
  5. It's weird because the Artsy stayed better on my shoulder then the Galliera..
  6. Don't be embarrassed... Return it for the Artsy! You don't want to keep a bag that keeps sliding off your shoulder!
  7. I persoanlly hate this bag!!

    I had the galleria in PM and I hate it!

    It would ALWAYS slide off and it felt too heavy for me :sad:
  8. Oh no! I'm so sorry that you have had so much trouble with these two bags! I think they made the strap too wide on the Galliera so it doesn't stay on easily. I've learned that I don't really like shoulder straps that are wide and flat because they never stay on/or they dig into me. I hope you can choose a bag that doesn't give you as many problems soon!
  9. wow ive never had this problem with the galliera at all...this is actually the one bag that stays on the shoulder incredibly well.

    are you maybe really lusting and regretting letting go of the Artsy, that you are finding problems with the galliera lol :graucho: just asking, because i tend to do this a lot. i *find* reasons to not like one of my bags because i subconsciously wanted the other one . lol this is what a hand bag addicition does to you.. :roflmfao: i hope im not the only one!
    either way just chose the bag that you love :smile:
  10. Don't feel crazy! If you are not happy with it, you need to return it!! You're spending $$$ on something, you should at least be happy with it. Don't be embarassed, a woman has a right to change her mind!!

  11. LMAO your too cute!!!!

    And thank you ladies I agree I should be 100% satisfied :sad:

    maybe I am having Artsy withdrawals..
  12. so what should I say when I go tomorrow to return considering I have already bought both Artsy MM and GM lol and now returning Galliera for the Artsy I feel like a nutcase!!!
  13. That it's just not working for you and you're not happy with it! What other bags have you tried?
  14. The Artsy MM & Artsy GM it's the only bags I seem to like...
  15. Then that's what you should get!