Second thoughts on the color of my Lindsay

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  1. I was going through my wardrobe today and I realized I really don't have any clothes that match the teal that the Lindsay comes in. I really would rather have the espresso instead. You think JAX would be able to switch them out? I'm not sure what to do since I can't just fly over to the States and switch it myself. I still have the tags on it and everything
  2. I would call Jax and see if they could do that for you I am not sure if they would but I don't really see any problem with it. Did you buy it at an outlet becuase that is where I got mine at same color I don't really have anything to go with it either but I just love that bag and the teal I will just buy clothes to go with it. The only prob I see is JAX may offer it at full price I have not seen the expresso in the outlets. But if you pd full price for it I don't see why they would not exchange it. Good luck let us know how it turns out
  3. But teal is such a unique and pretty colour. Why not keep it? :smile:. Minimally, it wld look good with any neutral colours.
  4. I would love to have a Lindsay in teal, although I am new to coach bags. :smile:

    Why not ask for suggestions here what colours (clothes) to wear to match your bag? You may be able to come out with something in your wardrobe. I am quite sure there are some other who carry bags in teal. I guess I would have no problem as I am almost always in jeans and white/black/brown/dark coloured (aka. boring) tops. :P
  5. Ya maybe you guys are right. I'm sure I could add some clothes to the wardrobe to go with it. You guys think more browns and earth tones would go with it?
  6. I am thinking blacks, greys, beige, creams, white (sorry, not fond of brown). Even reds and blues wld go fine with teal, esp blue, I think.
  7. Thanks babevivtan
  8. Oh my God jlbanks I want a teal so bad. I have an espresso because the coach store only have this color. I wish we can exchange! hahaha But I know it is not allowed in this forum. But love to have that teal.
  9. As long as you're not wearing a horribly clashing color, teal will be a nice accent color to provide some pop to your look. Just try to wear it with neutral tones and you'll be all set. I have mostly brown and beige bags (and one black!) and I get so angry with myself for not buying colorful bags :lol: I swear this spring I will expand my horizons!
  10. I have the Lindsay in TEAL and I wear her with everything!! She's FAB with browns and earthtones like you mentioned! She's a great POP of color with an all black outfit! I think she's such a classic and status type of bag, you need not justify matching your outfits with her!!! Just think how great she'll be this spring with the pink's, lime greens, yellows and purples!! She also goes great with any jewel tones!!!!
  11. Thanks, I am going to keep it afterall
  12. Teal Lindsay is so pretty especially that spring is just around the corner. Good decision.
  13. Yes, I am sooo happy for you!:tup::tup::tup:
  14. jmho but i have the teal lindsay and think this color is one of the nicest brighter colors coach has made. i really think it looks great with neutrals. i think you may find it goes with more than you think and really provides a break from the brown and black bags. i am planning to use mine with khaki more this spring. although these bags have made it to the outlets, they may not be as readily available once the supplies dry up, so you may find that you will be glad you kept it. good luck with your decision.
  15. I am happy for you! YAY!!!

    I think teal looks so good on Lindsay and Lily. But it looks so-so only on the Hamptons carryall. Just my view. ;)